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Birds of Prey: Part II

Hand extends from the darkness
In the distance a voice call to the broken warrior..."come with me"

Not once, but twice he has survived the mouth that was intended to swallow him whole. Although the war is over his battle has yet to begin. He returns to his land, but it isn’t the same. He isn’t the same. His innocence was taken from him and he left a piece of himself behind. His heart is further struck with news of loss. The blood image of himself has been taken. His kin fell victim to the mouths of the mountains. His heart is empty. He is lost. As if war wasn’t enough, but the loss has left him broken.

The sounds of war rings in his ear. At night the sounds are louder and he feels more alone. He wishes to share his space with someone to help ease his pain. He longs for someone to save him. He cannot find his way out and he has fallen into an abyss with no escape. His world has darkened and colors are dull. His eyes are empty and his spine shaky. His heart is gone and filled with anger and hate. His hope to be is lost. It becomes unbearable, day in and day out; every night he is alone with his thoughts and the sounds of screams. He wants it to stop. He cries for help but his voice cannot reach the ears of a savior.

His world is in chaos and the only answer is in the bottom of both barrels. They call him hero and thank him, but it doesn’t fill the emptiness he has; it doesn’t silence the sound. It is time, so he thinks. The birds of prey are calling him and he is ready. The internal pain and solace of blackness has overwhelmed the once brave warrior. He can no longer withstand the clutches of its claw . . .  Birds of Prey.

[In the distance a voice gently speaks to the broken warrior…"come with me"]


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