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Birds of Prey: Part I

Updated: Mar 15

Birds of Prey
The darkness of clouds.

What he saw was beyond the world that he roams. His innocence remains, his heart untouched by hatred, and his mind is not filled with the menacing of dark clouds overhead. He is pure and he is of light. Being so young he could not fathom the type of hatred that would cause another to respond with such violence. However, he understands there are two sides of the coin. One side could not purely be as innocent as he, nor can it be as simple as an act of detestation. The world that he knew has been forever changed. He would be swallowed whole by the raptors of darkness.

Not knowing what to do with his life while headed into adulthood, he stands in line to join the nation’s elite, they were referred to as “Teufelhunden”. The name given by the once distant opposing forces for the fierceness and unscathed fighting spirit. During the time of his oath the world was seemingly at peace. War has not been declared and life for him was . . . simple.

In response to conflict that happened on the soil where he pledged allegiance to, he travels to the land where the day time temperatures frequently exceed one hundred and twenty degrees and the nighttime temperatures drop into the sixties. During the day, the winds are severe and has blinding storms that can decrease visibility for miles. The storms makes the days seem like night. The sound of the land’s scream deafens his senses. The land is like no other.

He finds himself on top of a machine, strengthened with armor from the land. On top of it was another machine that had a bark louder than any vicious dog; it was a beast created by the devil himself. Its bark and spit of fire was triggered by the butterfly that kept it muzzled. He was responsible for this beast atop of the machine strengthened with armor from the land.

One evening it was quiet, and perhaps too quiet. He was on watch when the sounds of a high-pitched continuous scream followed by a flash of light directed his way. The scream came from the mouth of another beast; fueled by the hatred of man. This beast is designed to destroy and take life with no prejudice. It did not care who you were. He looks towards the sound and as the flash illuminates the night, he remembers his loved ones. The flash triggers a reel of memories. He seems the faces of the people he desired to see once again. He realizes he will never have an opportunity to become . . . He is taken by the Birds of Prey

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Zenon  Castillo
Zenon Castillo
05 oct 2023

Felt this in my blood. I know it's personal but I can out myself in this story (using the descriptions and objects as metaphors). Very cathartic

Me gusta
Herman Hildo
Herman Hildo
05 oct 2023
Contestando a

I am honored that you can connect with this writing. I appreciate your kinds words. Thank you, Z.

Me gusta
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