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3-Month Total Body Conditioning

  • 16Weeks
  • 40Steps


No more guess work at the gym or aimlessly putting hours of work with no changes. This program is designed to address common muscle imbalances and synergistic dominance while improving your neuromuscular efficiency, joint stabilization, and flexibility. If you follow this program, along with well-balanced nutritional choices you will lower your body fat percentages. This program was designed by Coach Herman, a NASM Certified Personal Trainer, and Sports Performance Specialist. This program is intended for 3-Months (12 weeks) with 3 days a week workouts (for example: Monday, Wednesday, Friday). You will be given 4 extra weeks, a total of 16-weeks, to complete the program in case something comes up and you need a few days here and there. If there are any problems or concerns with the timeframe of this program please contact our Administrator, Lucy Fracker, at (909) 532-2542 or by e-mail at For any fitness-related or safety concerns with this programming, please contact Coach Herman at (909) 532-2455.

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