A Message From Herman Hildo, CEO

Hi everyone,


First I would like to thank you for being a part of Rooted Kingdom. Please take a moment to read the "Standards of Conduct". I do not like rules either, however I want members and visitors to have a welcoming and insightful experience. Feel free to share your thoughts, artwork(s), creative works, writings (poetry, blog, etc.), talent(s) or simply ask for advice or questions. This is our place to explore and learn from one another. Remember to keep it friendly . Enjoy!!

Yours Truly,

Herman Hildo

Standards of Conduct

  1.  Abusive language towards or against another person is prohibited

  2. Profanity towards or against another person is prohibited

  3. No explicit content (refers and extends to photos and language)

  4. Be respectful to another person's idea

  5. Be respectful to one another

  6. Do not infringe on people's copyrights or claim their material as your own

  7. Do not share anything that you do not want to have exposed on the world wide web; use good judgement

  8. Sharing your artwork, creative writing, and music is HIGHLY encouraged

  9. contact me if you would like me to share it on my social media platforms

  10. All complaints of disorderly conduct will be looked into 


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