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What's in Herman's Head?

See what I did there in the title? LOL! Do any of you remember that show? I think I watched that 90's TV series only a couple times. I was made fun of because of my name "Herman" and to make matters worse my full name is "Herman Hildo" so I spent many times getting to know the inside of a locker as kids would shove me in there. Anyway, i am not here to talk about that, but I was just trying to be clever in this blog's title.

I hope everyone is having an amazing week so far and as for me, everyday is always a good day just like every other day! I wanted to give you some insight of what is going on in my side of town at Rooted Kingdom. I am typically always creating content so I tend to keep busy.

I am sure some of you know by now that I have a Podcast called "Awakening" and I hope that you were able to check it out. It airs every Tuesday at 12:00 AM (PST) to be sure to listen to it. I really enjoy hosting my podcast, because there is something about speaking to my listeners and telling them about my experiences that gives me this liberating feeling. Its like an expressive art for me. I enjoy speaking to my listeners and being able to connect with them on a deeper level. If you have been thinking about doing a podcast, but you are unsure of how to let me know and I can walk you through it. Its actually fairly easy.

I have been posting more to my blog and it feels good to get behind a computer and write again. I really miss writing short metaphoric stories so be sure to subscribe and get notified when it comes. I love diving into a short story and using expressive words to tell a story about my life in a metaphoric fashion. I am getting the chills thinking about the next one. Do you remember the last short series I write called "A Knight's Awakening: Part 1"? Here is the links to part 2 [A Knight's Awakening: Part II] and here is part III [A Knight's Awakening: Part III]. I suppose it is appropriate to call the "A Knight's Awakening: Trilogy". Sounds cool anyway. Now that I think of it, I am probably going to do a podcast episode on it.

Music...well, music is always going and its everliving. Music is a way for me to express myself artistically. I love being around music and just drowning myself in it. As most of you know, I struggled with depression in the past, so music helps keep me focused. Although I haven't had much time to work on music for myself, it still feels good to work on music for others. I produce music for the artists signed to my label, for clients, as well as engineering the sounds as well;also known as mixing and mastering. I love being around music and listening to all types of genres.

I started a "Beats" [RK Beats] catalog, which is a catalog of music beats produced by me to lease or sale to rappers, hip hop artists, or whomever needs music readily available to record their vocals on. It was a bit of a process to launch RK Beats, but it is something that I love doing. I enjoy making it and I hope my beats can find a home for current and upcoming artists. I only have two songs in my beats catalog, but there is more on its way in the very near future. I have this deep passion for music and as I continue this journey I am evolving as an artist, producer, and sound engineer.

I have been more inspired to write more so I make time to do so. I stopped writing for a bit, but would visit and write to my blog every month or so. I think its because I made it a chore to write, but over the past few months I have been evolving in my journey to freedom of my own mind and learning to not be so structured. Besides, I don't like structure nor do I like rules that tell me when I need to do something. I just assumed structure would help keep me on track, but in my reality, it keeps me imprisoned.

I seem to be more productive when I don't have a schedule and allow myself to create when it feels natural. What should you [the reader] take away from that? Don't confine yourself to rules that may hold you back. I unknowingly created rules for myself and did not realize why I was not being as productive as I should. My work felt like work, but without rules to "hold myself accountable" I am seemingly more productive. That's kind of odd, right? Well, it works for me. Now, what to take away from that last sentence? Its easy, do what is best for you. Just because there are studies after studies and posts after posts on social media about "this is what successful people do" and "this is what millionaires do", well social push of instructions isn't for everyone, so just do you.

Okay, on to another topic of "What's in Herman's head". Did you know that the back slash symbol is "\" and not "/"? I just learned this! I have been mistakenly calling the "/" symbol the forward slash. I am a bit embarrassed over that, because I have audio publications calling it ("/") the back slash. Oh well, I am sure no one caught it and if you did, let me know! I am curious to see who recognized my mistake and if you did...why didn't you tell me! LOL! So, I think I will complete this blog post with this. No matter what it is you are passionate for, it is amazing and I commend you on following your dreams. Continue upward and onward. Don't let no one control what you create. Keep creating and be grateful for this gift of life. I love everyone of you. Thank you for reading my blogs and listening to my podcast. My fans are wonderful and you are always welcoming in my kingdom. What's in Herman's Head.

P.S. (which stands for "Post Scriptum"). You can connect with me on the wix app, which is available on the apple or android store. If you already have the app use the code "GXQGJI" to join me. This app is pretty cool, won't spoil all the things that we can do on it, but it's definitely worth a try. I hope to see you there!