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Tips to Writing an Awesome Blog

One of the most important things to remember when writing a blog is to have confidence. Be confident in your writings and do not worry about the judgement you think you may get. Chances are the judgement and self-doubt is in your head. Be vulnerable in your writings and enjoy the freedom of creativity.

I learned to be a technical writer in two different aspects of my life, but one of it was the most defining to me. I was a police officer where I would write many [MANY] reports and I had a sergeant who would red pen my reports. Before our reports could move forward/upward into the criminal justice system as part of a file, it would need to be edited and approved by the sergeant.

The sergeant would mark up my reports viciously and it would look like a crime scene just took place on it. He would return my reports to me right at the end of my shift covered in red ink from his pen. He would throw it (in a condescending way) and have a smirk on his face like "Yep, I finished marking up your report hours ago, but I wanted to wait till the end of your shift to give it back to you". The sergeant would even mark up the False Building Alarm reports. He was tedious and somewhat of a jerk. However that "jerk" helped me to enhance my writing.

I was so tired of him marking up my reports and throwing it at me near the end of the day, I took writing classes online and I started reading books on report writing. I was determined to have a flawless report. I challenged myself and I was determined not to have to meet the fate of my sergeant's red-inked pen. Finally, it happened. My reports were written so well that he did not mark it up anymore and when he did receive my reports, he would skim through it, finding the main points (contact, arrest, evidence, etc.) and move it up the chain. It made me feel good.

So, I learned a good portion of my technical writing skills in the police force. Just to be clear, I do not recommend joining the police force to enhance your writing skills, but what I am saying is that find someone who will challenge your writing abilities. Do not be afraid of the red-inked pen. Do not get in your feelings when your work is corrected. Be an open mind and learn from the person who is mentoring you. Remember that person is giving you his or her time. Time is the most precious gift of all, because it cannot be given back. Enjoy the learning process of creative writing.

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Some Key Points

  • Be confident

  • Be vulnerable

  • Enjoy the freedom of creativity

  • Find someone who will mentor you

  • Have someone review your work

  • Read Books

  • Read more books

  • Talk to other bloggers

  • Talk to poets

  • Enjoy the process

There is more to creative writing then simply finding a mentor to red-ink your work; it is also about creativity. Enjoy the moments in writing when freedom is in your creativity. Enjoy the freedom of writing and write. Do not worry about what others may think or say. I can tell you from experience that some will like it and some will not. Some of my best work came from when I just wrote what I was feeling. I do not think too much into it and I just write. Listen to your inner being, because it will not take you in the wrong direction. Be free in your writing. Tips to Writing an Awesome Blog.