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The Little Things

Its the little things in life that puts an extra smile on our face. I know there is much to complain about in life's events that are seemingly "unfair" or plain annoying, however, I try to focus on the good. I have said it before and I will say it again; I don't want to add to the negativity in the world, because there is much of it to go around three of four times over (not an accurate number, just guessing without any real research). With that being said, I wanted to share some of things that give like that extra sprinkle of happiness.

One of the things I love and enjoy is the sound of my daughter's laughter when she hears or sees something funny. I think the best thing is when she has a provoking thought and she starts giggling. I am often curious at what she is giggling at so I will ask her. Some of the things she shares with me is crazy hilarious. My kid is pretty funny. She's just a perfect blend of me and her mom. Her mom is sarcastic funny and I think I am funny in my actions and facial expressions. I am very animated.

Another one of my favorites is sitting in my over-sized bean bag and writing, just as I am now. I think this is the second or third time mentioning my over-sized bean bag, but it is one of those little things in life that give me that extra smile. I am peace in my home and that feeling is phenomenal. It wasn't always like that for me and those of you who know me, I have struggled with depression and it impacted my home life. Not no more though. I am truly free. I can actually enjoy the little things.

Yesterday, we bought our daughter the Nintendo Switch, along with a couple games. One of those games is called "Dance 2020".This game allows you to challenge your opponent or opponents in dance, which is scored by hitting the right moves at the right time. Let me tell you, it was so much fun dancing with my family. It was all three of us in the living room dancing to this game. It's right up my alley too, because I am in the music business so I enjoy the music. Now getting to dance in a fun family-friendly challenge is extra sweet! My daughter continued to punish my wife and I in her dancing skills that proved to be far superior in the completion of the display of her high points. I found it hilarious when one of the characters to choose from has dreads and my daughter was like "look dad, that's you!" The little things.

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