The Human Mind Inspired

I just finished a college level Arts class and it was phenomenal. I enjoyed every aspect of it. I enjoyed the interaction with the other students, the research, and simply surrounding myself with like-minded people. This Art class was filled with diverse minds and I believe it may have been an elective for most students. This is where it gets interesting, because not everyone in the class was an Arts major. I watched as students became more interested in the Arts the further the class moved along. The human mind and its desire, or perhaps need, to be creative was shown in this classroom.

As time went on during this particular art class I could imagine the minds of my fellow students during the mind-opening moments. I could see their desire to create. Those who were there simply to receive a needed elective credit would become a fan of the arts. Those who were there because of the interests in the arts developed a sharpened mind and a deeper overstanding of one's self. It was interesting and enjoyable to watch the mind's of my fellow students to journey through the Arts.

I enjoy the Arts and every aspect of it. My interest stems from observing the human kind and its desire to be creative. It is the creation of something spectacular to express one's being. Art is everywhere if one takes time to see or listen and interpret the meaning behind it. My favorite types of art are the one's left to be interpreted, because it gives me free-range to examine my own feelings and perhaps help me break free to the next level I have been awaiting for. For example, Vincent Van Gogh's (Vincent) painting, the Starry Night is a painting that caught my eye. Vincent's use of repeating swirly patterns and the color value are important in this painting because it is what is most noticeable at first glance.

As I observed this painting I tried to interpret his meaning behind his choice of color value(s) and repeating pattern(s). Vincent uses dark coloring to help contrast his painting. I knew from earlier studies that Vincent suffered from self-doubt and self-worth so in a way I could appreciate his emotional pain. I have my fair share of emotional pain relating to self-doubt and self-worth. As I pondered his spectacular piece of work [the Starry Night], I did some research on it. I wanted to learn more about this painting and why he painted it.

Vincent painted this piece while he was admitted to a Psychiatric Hospital [Psych Ward] in France. Interesting enough, the Starry Night is the view from his room at the Psych Ward. He was admitted to this psych ward after he cut off his ear. So my question was, why did this brilliant mind cut off his own ear[?]. I learned he was in an argument with Paul Gaugin, an artist he had been working with, and in a fit of rage he removed his ear. He was later admitted to the aforementioned psychiatric hospital.

As I finished my research of the Starry Night I had a deeper connection with Vincent's art piece. I revisited his spectacular piece of work and I was overwhelmed with emotions from the memories of my past that continually haunt me. I realized some of my best work is when my mind is darkened and I feel I am in broken into pieces. The only way I could put myself back together is to create something in an expressive attempt to cry for help. Memories of my past no longer hurt when I am creating. The human mind inspired by art is beautiful, yet the pain is there and is only released when created into a tangible thing. The Human Mind Inspired.


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