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The Dark Room

The journey to my higher-self has been becoming more challenging. It is challenging in a good way, because if it was easy, then there would be no life-lessons to be learned and there would not be an appreciation to the path I am traveling. I have been faced with some challenging instances and those external factors have been uncovering issues from the hidden areas of my being. I come to realize the things I thought I had defeated have merely been stored away, hidden in the dark corners of my mind. My journey has prepared me to face the very room that is keeping the limiting ideas in forms of events and negative emotion. I am walking into this room and I am ready to face what is beyond the door. 

The darkness has terrified me, yet I am brave enough to enter this dark room. Mixed emotions of fear from the unknown and eagerness to get through this has been an opposing force. From the time I started my journey up until this point I have been preparing for this very moment. I have scratched the surface of many of the limiting beliefs that once held me, however the residue it left behind has yet to be cleaned. It is a humbling experience to believe that I was healed from the instances that shackled me just to be thrown back into the dungeons of limiting beliefs. 

I have found myself in a familiar place, but this time I am no longer shackled to the walls of limiting beliefs. With one foot in front of the other I can make my way out of this dark room, while organizing the events in my mind and ridding the residue once and for all. The scars it shall leave behind are for me to see and the stories I may have from experiences are mine to tell. This journey has been amazing with so many life-lessons. I am still a student of light and I know I can bring light to the dark room I am faced with. 

As I step into this room, the absence of light is apparent, however the light outside of the room is illuminating a path. The pathway seems to go beyond what my eye could see, but when I stepped into the room I realize it was just the perception of my mind. The light silhouetting the outlines of my being is enough light for me to see. As I move forward in this room I realize there is much for me to face. The darkness that once filled every space of this room is being over taken by the light. The existence of shadows are apparent and the territories of this room are yet to be discovered. As I am observing the corners that the darkness has consumed I am certain there is nothing that can harm me. 

I have been through many life challenges and the darkness of the room is not going to shy me away from discovering my freedom. I am humbled by the instances that are arising. I am grateful for this challenge and the events that presented itself to lead me to this dark room. I have light to illuminate my path and I am armed with my sword. My shield and armor will protect me. This time is different, I am ready and I am skilled. I will defeat the challenges of the dark room. My light shall shine and illuminate my path. The Dark Room.