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Updated: Jan 15

Welcome to The Blog...Beyond The Mix (somebody cue the official Beyond The Mix theme song)! If you made it this far to read my blog, its probably safe to say you have listened to the Podcast and perhaps enjoyed it. Thank you all for listening to show and being interested in the projects that I involved in, between the shows and my music. I have always enjoyed writing and wanted to start again. I used to manage a blog a few years ago, but decided to close it doors.

I look forward to sharing my interpretation of the most current music news impacting the music biz as well as updating you on my music journey. I think I will even do some music reviews and recommend some music that I find interesting, so go ahead and start sending in your music links (Spotify, YouTube, Apple Music, etc). With that being said, yes, this is more or less a blog pertaining to music or some relation to it. Please allow me to introduce myself if you happen to stumble across my blog.

Hi, my name is Herman Hildo, professionally known as Haluhalo, and I am a music artist with different projects in a few musical groups. If you know me then you know I love music and have a passion for it. I work at Rooted Kingdom Music, a music production company, as a music producer and sound engineer. One of my favorite parts of my job is the music...of course, LOL. I look forward to writing about music reviews, the business, sharing my advice and experience in the music industry. Until next time! Paalam!

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