The Apocalyptic Realm

As I travel in this world as a spirit of energy and light I came across a realms that seem to be apocalyptic. The world has seemingly came to an abrupt halt and change is no where in sight. The fear of walking into a realm that is seemingly harsh is a daunting task. My spine shivers in fear, but I am armed with my shield and sword. I am prepared for this realm of which I am about to enter.

It is not like me to travel in this direction. I have yet to be on my own and always in the comfort of someone's orders. It is what I am used to and it is what I know. It is an intentional fear instilled in me since day one and in later years of my life it would be all that would be familiar. I donned a green uniform with an eagle, globe, and anchor on it and stories of fable truth that many have tried and failed. I had to successfully complete a three month training filled with yelling, belittling, physical pain, and many obstacle courses. To complete this training I had to climb to the top of this mountain and this is where I would earn my title and be welcomed into the brotherhood of this "elite" military group. I was an impressionable young man so I believed the stories. I was being molded to take orders. My mind was young and I desired to fit in.

After my stint with the military I would work my way towards another career and of course it was a career where I would take more orders. I took off my green uniform and put on a blue one with a shiny tiny shield over my left chest. It was something to be proud of; yet again, I joined another brotherhood of some sort. It was in the brotherhood of the "thin blue line". I remained there form some years. I took more orders.

I took orders and I was never in my own mind. I was always following some sort of rules that were not my own. I disregarded my own need to be and feel creative. I was told what to do and how to do it. How was this accomplished? Easy; give someone some type of story to be proud of and shine it up with some polish. Feed that story and continually tell that story until it becomes truth. I was literally brainwashed and my mind was that of robot. I had all these emotions and I did not know how to handle it. Then it happened.

My journey began. I began traveling a lonely road and discovering who I really am. I never knew who I was, because someone always told me who I had to be. I am going against the very grain that was implanted in me. I journeyed long and far and I am not turning back. I am breaking the chains that once pinned me to the wall of fable lies of made up stories to entertain and give a person false pride.

In this journey I am often entering realms of self-discovery that are seemingly apocalyptic, meaning there is nothing there, but certain pain and suffering. I know traveling in the realms of harsh conditions will be difficult, but it is where growth awaits me. In my right hand I hold my shield, protecting my neck and body and in my left hand I hold my sword forged with light. I have conditioned myself for this moment, I was trained by some amazing teachers, but I am now using that training and knowledge to journey into and safely out of this realm. I am ready for what is coming. The Apocalyptic Realm.

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