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Team Rooted Kingdom

Yesterday I mentioned in my writing that I was in the process of creating a fitness team. I am really excited and passionate about this, because I have been the guy who was turned away and forgotten about. I know what it is like to not know where to go or where to start with little to no help on getting started. I have an opportunity to change that and I want to help people.

Like I mentioned in my writings yesterday, membership will be totally free, it will be a place for like-minded people, athletes, aspiring athletes, and fitness enthusiast, etc. to come together and motivate one another. I plan for this team to be local, national, and international team. We are shooting for the starts here at Rooted Kingdom! I am bringing an amazing athlete who had my back from the beginning to help me put this team together. I am very excited for his arrival to be a part of Team Rooted Kingdom.

There is still much more planning that needs to be done, but until then let's start off by using this hashtag #TeamRootedKingdom in your social media posts and on the Rooted Kingdom Community forums. It will help me to find who you are and reach out to you. The goal is to create an elite group of amazing people to have each other's back in unity. It is about being accepted as you are and who you are no matter where you are in life. If you have drive and you have the motivation let's work and inspire one another. Team Rooted Kingdom.