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Simple & Easy Nutrition

***Note: There are recommendations on household kitchen appliances and pictures depicting specific household appliances. I am not sponsored by any company or paid to write about it. These opinions are solely my own. ~ Herman Roots

Cucumber, Apple, Baby Spinach smoothie!

Summer is right around the corner and I do not know about you, but I would much rather spend my time outside on my longboard enjoying the summer rays. Its true, meal prepping can be a daunting task and take most of your weekend as it once did mine. I have spent years trying to perfect the most simplest and healthiest meal plan to suit my busy lifestyle.

If you have ever meal prepped you know that it gets redundant and most of the time people tend to quit, because it is much easier to go the drive-thru or pick up dinner after work at the local grocery market. I am guilty of this and I have stopped meal prepping for a while to give myself a break from it. So my wife and I joke around about meal planning and prepping sometimes. We will order pizza [vegan-friendly] and the left overs we would store it away in a single serve food storage container. We get to the last pizza and both say a loud "MEAL PREP DONE!"

It used to take me about two days to meal prep and I know some are thinking "geez two days." Yes, two days! Every few days or so, my wife and I would go to the store, buy all the groceries and cook off all of the food. This would take approximately 4 hours or more to complete, depending what our menu was. Then we would store it all away and the next day we would weigh everything out and place the food portions in a food storage container. After we placed the food in our storage container it is time to label it for the appropriate days. We were making approximately four meals per person (two of us) for about four days worth. That is about 32 meals stored away in our refrigerator. That is so much food! This process would take us another 4 hours or more. Doing this for a few years, every few days or so, becomes redundant and I had to find a new system.

So after years of experience in meal prepping I have discovered a method to help the busy lifestyle. The household appliances you will need would be an electric cooking pot and a nice blender. An electric cooking pot is super amazing and many various dishes can be made in this. I simply put in my desired beans in the night before to soak and turn it on first thing the next day. Within a few hours it will be done, viola! You can make stews, chilis, soups, or just cut up some veggies, throw in your favorite protein and be done with it. This is what I do as well.

As for the blender, I use mine often to make fruit and veggie smoothies, so I suggest getting one that will last a long time and can handle the work. This is a wonderful kitchen appliance, because it can make refreshing veggies and smoothies. You can add nuts and cinnamon to give your smoothie an extra edge. You can go to the local grocery market and buy some fruits and veggies to have it ready for you. Since summer is around the corner, this machine is perfect to help create refreshing and healthy smoothies.

With nutrition, keep it simple and easy. These kitchen appliances will assist you in your meal prepping and it does not take long to create your dishes. Be creative with your food. You can purchase different spices and try new vegetables in your electric cooking pot or mix and match new fruits and veggies together to create a tasty smoothie. Meal prepping is a task that can easily burn a person out, I know this from experience. So the easier the better. Trust me, meal prepping gets old and it gets old quick. The key to living a healthy lifestyle is our food consumption and of course a workout plan, but nutrition is key. Keep your nutrition simple and keep it fun. Simple & Easy Nutrition.

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Herman "Roots" Fracker is certified as a personal trainer through the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) and has successfully transformed his life and physical self by having a physical fitness plan to include a healthy nutritional plan.