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Overlooking the Realm of Lands

He stands powerful and true. He questions his past and the road he traveled to be where he stands. He is a warrior. The warrior stands on the hill overlooking the realm of lands he has vowed to protect. He sees his lands of green and the trees dancing in the wind. The cool breeze flows through his long unkempt hair. His untrimmed beard is not bothered by the blowing wind. The warrior's body is covered with scars from the wounds received in war. His scathed armor is scratched and dented from the battles he endured. Although he is a perceivable warrior he seeks no fight. His heart and mind is pure filled with love's everliving peace.

The warrior is no longer a child and was stripped from his adolescence. He has always been a warrior trained by the elite to do what they cannot. He rumbled on his preprogrammed path and there was always his sense of unrighteousness. Moments of clarity would be spoken into his mind. An inner being of light would guide his heart and mind as he journeyed. As the warrior stands on the hill he remembers the journey through the unknown. The experience of war has took his innocence. He was not afforded an opportunity of discovery. War is all he knew. [He closes his eyes and remembers his journey.]

He began to reflect on his journey as he stood over the same spot on the same hill overlooking the lands from when he started. Those lands were not green, but plagued with the sins of man. He remembers overlooking the war torn lands. His hands were not empty, but holding items forged by hate. His mind journeys back in time when he began.

The young warrior holds his sword in one hand and a shield in the other. One to fight and one to defend. He has yet to learn that both can be used to fight and defend. This is only taught as he journeys beyond the lands; beyond his mind. The battles he shall face will continue to mold his being and only then will he find his true meaning.

The young warrior holds his sword in his hand, but it is heavy so he returns it to its sheath. In his other hand the young warrior holds his shield, but it is heavy so he lowers it. He is not yet strong enough to bear its weight. The young warrior seeks those who threaten his keeper and engages in battle. He relies on muscle memory, which was instilled through his training. He has been weaponized and his mind was silenced. He was silenced and only took orders; no questions were asked.

The young warrior would commit sins for his keeper and earned nothing for himself. It would not be until he learned the sword and shield he holds would be both his weapon and guard. It would not be until he could wield both shield and sword effortlessly without tiring. He would endure much pain before he learned the truth of his keepers. He is silenced, but he is awakening to his higher-self. The young warrior would endure much pain until he is ready to overstand his journey.

[The warrior opens his eyes and is brought to the moment of his now]. He is thankful in bliss for his journey and the many lessons he has learned. He is not hateful, but forgiven his wrong doers. He has forgiven those who held his being captive through deception. He takes another deep breath and he appreciates the beauty from the lands that was once ravaged by sin.

The warrior stands tall on the hill overlooking the lands he vowed to protect. His hair is long and ungroomed. His beard resembles the mane of a lion. His hair and beard have not been touched since his last atonement to his awakening. He is a warrior defending against those who once kept him. His journey has brought him to his awakening. He hears the sound of tranquility from his own symphony. He is at peace and is no longer kept as an imprisoned warrior defined by boundaries. He stands tall on the hill overlooking the realm of lands. Overlooking the Realm of Lands.

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