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Mind's Eye Wide Open

Today I have only been awake for about an hour and already I am filled with elevated emotions. I have meditated for only about 30 minutes today and I just finished doing some reading. I usually start off the day with positivity and hopefulness, but today is different. It is like a super dose of positivity and hopefulness, with a dash or two of realization. So many things of great value came to my mind during the one hour I have been awake. It is a bit messy in my mind so hold on for the ride as I go through the various thoughts and ideas. 

I have been feeling hopeful with the amount of work I have been putting in towards Rooted Kingdom. I have been feeling more creative and getting many things done by accomplishing one little task at a time. The little accomplishments help me to feel productive, thus motivated to put in work. I have been doing things a little bit differently lately. There has not been too much of a difference in the things I have been doing in relations to my business, but those little things are working. I look at things from a different perspective and handling tasks from a different angle. I started off by taking more notes when ideas would come to my mind and becoming more organized in my notes. I would normally jot things in my notepad and return to it later. So, my notepad is filled with seemingly gibberish and soon to be forgotten or discarded words of ideas. 

I started to utilize organizational phone applications such as day planners, reminders, etc. and it has been helping me. I have been applying problem solving and practical thinking techniques I have learned in college and in the military. I never thought I would say this, but I did learn something useful that I can still apply to my everyday life from the military. One thing I did learn from college and the military that has been extremely useful is critical thinking. I have been applying methods that I learned from my time spent in the military and college. 

I feel like I have opened another gateway to my mind and I have done so by meditation. I hit a rough spot there for a moment, but I came out of it by being persistent and a hopeful thinker. I am a fighter, meaning I will not give up and once I put my mind to it I do what I need to accomplish my goals or tasks. I have been feeling more creative and there is so much for me to do that I needed to have better organizational skills. I started to compartmentalize my work into smaller groups and handling things as I go. It actually works and I am happy that things are moving along.

In regards to the music production side of Rooted Kingdom, I am getting my work done. I have an upcoming album to be released and I have been on schedule for timelines. Music production comes with headaches and tedious work. Sometimes I get to a certain phase in music production and something needs to be changed. Then "Its back to the drawing board" saying that comes to mind. Nevertheless, I enjoy music production so it is not really work. I purposefully set up Rooted Kingdom's organizational and operational structure so it would not feel like work at all. 

My mediation has helped me to focus in on my daily life and the tasks that I want to accomplish. The further I get away from societal norms the closer I am to my higher-self. The laws and rules that were created by man to more than likely benefit the pockets of the "Haves" versus the "Have Nots" are meant to be bent or broken. I am no longer playing by the rules of those who oppress the People, but discovering their [lies and oppressing rules], hidden in forms of societal norms. I no longer accept limiting ideas and the rules that say I cannot do this or that. I am freeing my mind and meditation is key to unlock the shackles of the oppressors. My mind's eye is opened.  Mind's Eye Wide Opened.