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Mind-Body Connection

Introduction. As some of you may know, I have a certification as personal trainer (Certificate number 1190303271) through the National Academy of Sports Medicine and I truly enjoy my work. I get to connect with people and implement my own trainer-to-client style. I enjoy connecting with other people and learning more about them. I believe we are all connected in one way or another. I find people to be amazing and mystical. The human mind is magnificent and can be limited by its own keeper or it can be expended to perform unbelievably and unexplainable things. One of the things that I believe may be lacking in the fitness world is the connection to clients and treating them more as an opportunity to get paid versus an opportunity to positively impact a client's life.

In my experience I have observed personal trainers, whether it be in the gym or online (social media or other forms of communication) selling their services and getting clients to only give them a mere percentage of their knowledge so their clients keep coming back feeling empty. This may not be the conscious or sub-conscious case, it is perhaps the lack of training or connection with oneself, but nonetheless, it is a lost opportunity to connect with another human being.

Mind-Body Connection. I believe human beings are connected to one another as I have previously stated. One of the things that I love about personal training is it is an opportunity for me to connect with another being of energy. I implement a spiritual-like training session, whether it be face-to-face training or an online training session. To me, I feel it is important to introduce a higher-level of consciousness to my training session(s), because where the mind goes the body will follow. Many of my clients have fallen victim to their own self-doubt and it is something that I know much about. It is about making them aware of their own abilities to be awesome. Many of my clients do not know the powers they possess until it is shown to them.

It is that "ahhh" moment that I look forward to with every one of my clients. When they see the true powers they possess, they become this unstoppable force full of self-empowerment and self-love. This is why I have incorporated fitness into my business. I truly want to connect with others and this allows me to show the art in fitness. There is a level of higher consciousness associated with fitness that is overlooked by many trainers. It is not the trainers fault and it is very possible it may not be their thing. Some trainers may be more interested in getting paid and others want to make an impact. I believe people typically want to do good and be successful, but it is person's definition of "successful" that makes the difference in their training style.

Summary. It is important for me to connect with another being of energy. This is why I started my business, Rooted Kingdom. I want to impact residents of this great Earth and to be a positive force. Mind-body connection in fitness is important to show clients that they are truly limitless. The body will follow where the mind goes and this is true in all aspects of human life. It is my responsibility as a being of energy to make a positive impact in this amazing and wonderful place we call Earth, which is our home. When we connect with one another on a deeper conscious level we can create love and positivity. Harmonious and positive vibrations of energy and light can solve the disconnection among human beings. Mind-Body Connection.

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