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I Let Go

Stress will deplete energy within oneself. I have spent a good portion of my life in a state of stress. Stress kept me stagnant spinning in an endless circle. I had no control over my life as long as stress stayed constant in my internal being. I let go.

I have heard and read of horror stories of bosses yelling at their employees creating stress. I have experienced a stressful working environment. Being in a state of stressed everyday is a real-life threatening concern.

I have been around many military people, current and former, and some of them are intense. I hear of them having heart attacks at a young age, experiencing some sort of anxiety issues, and experiencing similar physical pain or discomfort in their back. Same goes for people in field of law enforcement. I had (he passed last year) a friend that experienced a heart attack at the end of his career in law enforcement and he had to medically retire shortly after. The heart attack was stress-related, yes of course diet had its hand for the unfortunate event as well, but stress was the main factor.

Stress is not just in the military or law enforcement field, it is present in most career fields. My buddy is a chef and he tells me stories of stress-related events, that go beyond my imagination. My buddy is a positive person and he is usually in a state of peace, however he gets stressed out while at work. He is learning to leave stress at work and not in his household.

I was thinking about the training I went through in the military and how the military’s trainers operated. There is always a certain level of stress associated with its training.

It makes me wonder if adding stress to someone in the work force is a conscious thought or is it something that has been passed from generation to generation.

It is my observation and experience that high ranking officials, middle mangers, and supervisors like to keep a certain level of stress among their workers. Stress taps into the human instinct of fight or flight, which causes a robotic response and not a well-thought response. When the human mind is relaxed then the body is in a state of relaxation. Stress is applied to the work force to create an instinctual and trainable workers. Which is why stress is seemingly desirable in corporations and huge organizations like the military. Stress is seemingly passed through each level of the work hierarchy, from the first level to the upper level and vice versa.

I was in a constant state of stress. Being in a state of stress was instilled in me at a young age. Stress was taught to me in school, by putting an enormous amount of pressure to correctly complete homework in time and to pass an academic test. Stress continued throughout my life and even more so when I joined the military. I was in a constant state of stress. The high ranking officials (military officers), managers (the people with a more than a few ranks on their sleeves), and supervisors (the people with a couple ranks on their sleeves) kept a certain level of stress during the training I went through to tap into my animal-like instincts of survival. There was constant yelling and often physical stressors such as push-ups, mountain climbers, jumping jacks, bear crawls just to name a few. They were able to mold me and weaponize me when I allowed them to control my mind.

This stress carried with my to my adulthood and kept my mind in a box. I could not function with my mind, because I have been taught to act on instinct. I have back pain related to stress and of course physical activity. However, letting go of the stress has allowed me open my mind and create a new reality of peace.

I cannot be truly at peace if I am in a state of constant stress. I discarded stress and made changes in my life to positively enhance my being. I let go of the stress and began to heal my mind. Then I can be in complete control of my life. Stress has no place in my life. I let go.