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Green Leaves & Beans: Nutrition II

Yesterday I write about a general idea of nutrition and the importance of it in regards to a well-rounded fitness plan. Nutrition is important to a fitness plan, because food is what fuels the human movement system. So be sure to fuel your body with clean and nutritional foods.

When I say fuel your body with nutritional foods, I am speaking about food, not food-like items. Food-like items would be some type of cheese puffs, candy bars, etc. Be sure to read the back of the labels and you would realize you are not eating food per se, but a food-like item made from chemicals and other things that are difficult to pronounce. Eating food-like items would be like putting in the regular (87) gas into a Ferrari. I am not a car expert, but I know enough that for the Ferrari to run efficiently and as it should, then the highest level of gas (91) should be used. Well, the human body is an AMAZING machine that runs well on real food that is nutritious. Foods such as apple, oranges, black beans, spinach, are examples of real foods. Try to make sure a good majority [if not all] of your macro intake comes from whole foods. The fresher the food the better it is for you.

Just by eating whole foods and drinking plenty of water, the body will feel nourished and the sweet & salty cravings should go away after a few weeks or so. When I start feeling like I want to eat something that is not particularly great for me, I try to remember why I started. Do not get me wrong, I partake in Taco Tuesday or I enjoy a nice serving of fries and even some vegan pizza, but I partake in moderations. Be mindful of how much calories and fats are being taken in. Too much of any calories, fats, and carbohydrates are counterproductive. This goes for whole natural foods as well. For example, I am not going to eat a 8 avocados, although eating one is really good for the human body, but it can still be detrimental to my fitness goals if I consume too much of it. Try to have a well-balanced nutrition program.

Not everyone's nutritional needs are the same, so just because a person gives you a nutrition program that he or she used and claims it works does not mean it will work for you. Generally speaking, it is a good start, at least you would have an idea of how a nutrition plan would look like. The reason why the nutritional plan may or may not work is the lifestyle variables or perhaps the person's metabolism is slower or faster than yours. So it is always good to have a custom meal plan. When building your meal plan it is okay to make adjustments, in fact you should be making adjustments. Monitor your body composition closely and be sure to take notes and pictures (front, side, and back views).

Here is a sample nutrition plan that I use:

  • Meal 1: 1/2 cup Oatmeal, 1 tablespoon peanut butter, one cup of tea

  • Snack: [Shake] One Serving Hemp Protein Powder, Freshly squeezed lemon (whole), Turmeric powder, Naturelo (Vitamin - open the capsule and to shake)

  • Pre-workout: 1/2 scoop of Orgain Plant-based Protein, 1 small apple

  • Post-workout: 1/2 scoop of Orgain Plant-baes Protein, 1 Banana

  • Meal 3: 1 Cup of (cooked) white rice, 1 cup (cooked) black beans

  • Snack: 1 serving of fruit, 10 almonds

  • Meal 4: Salad mix w/ Extra Virgin Olive Oil (drizzle), black beans

  • Meal 5: Protein Shake (1 serving of Orgain Plan-based protein [2 scoops])

  • Snack: Bedtime tea

This is a example of what I eat, it works for me and I feel great on this, however it may not be good for someone else. Maybe the caloric intake is not as much. I am pretty active, but I spend my day in a music studio or behind a computer so I do not need to intake as much calories or cabs as a construction worker. I constantly make adjustments to my meal plan.

If you noticed the meal plan is simple and does not take many hours of cooking or prepping. I put some beans in the crockpot, put on some white or brown rice in the cooker, and walk away. Meal prepping should be simple. I have meal prepped for a complex nutrition plan before and it burned me out. Just the time spent in the kitchen was too much for me. I have a pretty busy life, I am a full-time dad, husband, musician, producer, writer, athlete, etc. so I do I not want to spend three hours in the kitchen cooking. I keep it simple and that way meal prepping is not such a burden. Also, eating whole foods is another way to keep meal planning simple. Simple is sometimes better.

Green Leaves & Beans: Nutrition II.

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