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Green Leaves and Beans: Introduction to Fitness

So I thought I would dedicate a few posts or so on fitness and give my two cents of living a healthy life. Healthy living and "changing your life" [in respects to living healthier] can be intimidating for some and may seem like an unreachable goal. I know this, because I had that mindset. The important thing to remember when starting the path to a healthier life is do it because you want to.

One thing that I have learned about "Health and Fitness" is do not take it so seriously. If it becomes a task then the task will stop being fun. It should be something that wants to be done and not needs to be done. So, do not take that out of context, if the doctor says its time to lose weight, because it could lead to severe problems, then take his or her advice. That is what happened to me. My doctor said that I my cholesterol was too high and my blood pressure was getting to be a problem. I was told that it could be a problem in the long run. Anyway, I did not think too much into it, because I was not ready to take control of my life in that aspect. Besides, I enjoyed eating an abundant amount of fries and cultural food. Look at this picture here.

I think in this picture above I may have been at 245 pounds or so. I was overweight and according to the Body Mass Index charts I was considered obese. I think I had a few more pounds to go before I reached my peek weight at 153 or something like that. Oh, that pretty lady in the photo is my mom! Say "Hi" mom!! I know you read my blogs, I love you! Okay, getting back to the subject. Weight loss should definitely be fun.

I have tried many times before to lose weight and it has always been a task for me. I would give up, because the goal to lose weight seemed unreachable. Once I stopped looking at it as something I needed to do and viewed weight loss/healthier living as something I wanted to do, the pounds started shredding off. I started hanging around like-minded people to help keep me motivated.

My best advice to staying on track is to stay away from Instagram pages of "public figures" displaying ONLY the best angles and lighting of their bodies. I will tell you this, I have been around the fitness industry (attending expos, being around other athletes, etc.) for a while now and most [not all] of the social media fitness celebs have professionals editing their photos to make them look more appealing [seemingly perfect]. Its basically a highlight reel of their fitness life and its not real. I would use social media as a means to get motivation, but sometimes my feed would display some fitness model and immediately I would begin comparing my body to his or hers. Needless to say I would give up, because that goal seemed unreachably too far away and I wanted to be fit now. The weight loss journey is a process and it takes time.

Point is, I learned to not compare myself to others, because everyone's process is different. I started having fun in the "fit lifestyle". I watched as pounds shredded off of me. Fitness is now a lifestyle for me, because I keep it fun and I have made friends with some really awesome people.

Fitness became like a game to me. I enjoy getting up and going to the gym and trying new things. The photo up above is a comparison photo (used by coaches to keep athletes/clients on track. Always have a fitness plan. Find someone to help you to stay motivated and definitely someone who does not take life too seriously. Surround yourself with like-minded people and crush your goals! Green Leaves and Beans: Introduction to Fitness.