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From the Ground Up

I feel ready to take on the world. There is much on my plate and there is much to do, but I am thankful for the seemingly busy life that I have. There have been many failures and many "take three steps" back instances, however with every stride I am moving forward. If there is seemingly no way through, I create my own path.I have been told "no" and I have been on the receiving side of "you are not good enough" yet that has not stopped me from using the gift of the mystical and magnificent human mind. I am superhuman and I can accomplish anything.

I have defeated many obstacles and I have destroyed the walls that contained me. I am fierce and I am powerful. My kingdom awaits me and it is there I shall be free. Hear my roar rumble through the lands of my kingdom and the Prides of many Houses shall unite fighting against injustice.

I am ready for the games of distorted fable truth. It is here I stand protecting my kingdom and it is the oppressor who shall run. I choose not to fight, but does not mean I cannot. I fight against those who oppose me and believe me when I say I fight well. I have built my kingdom from the ground up. I built my kingdom on a solid foundation that will not break. I may crack, but my kingdom will endure. From the ground up I shall rebuild. The blueprints of my being have remained. It is here I stand with my sword and shield ready to accept the battle brought by evil.

I observed the Dunning-Kruger Effect impact a person, which will lead to certain defeat. It is a shame that false-power has blinded and misdirected one's path. I shall advance and maneuver outside the peripherals, keeping close enough to predict one's move. The House built upon sand will be washed into the sea of emptiness and I will smirk in victory. From the ground up I have built my kingdom. From the Ground Up.