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El3ctroFaM: Connecting Worlds

Ah yes, the El3ctroFaM! An organization of talented artists and producers who unite to bring their creative art to entertain the people while supporting one another. It’s more than a label. It’s more than promotion. El3ctroFaM is bringing more than entertainment to the world, they are sharing their creative artistry, while inspiring one another to explore space with no boundaries.

El3ctroFaM is not exclusive to just one genre of music, but many different sounds from a diverse group of people from all around the globe. Music knows no boundaries and through El3ctroFaM we can share our unity with the world. I am proud to say I happen to be among some of the most talented and creative minds in the music industry.

I initially started as a Roots Reggae Rock artist, but have been building the nerve to explore music that I thought was out of my range. I have received support from amazing artists and producers during my musical journey. El3ctroFaM has helped me to un-define my artistry. The amount of positive energy that emits from this amazing organization is refreshing. I truly enjoy being among talent that is the future of the music industry. I believe through our togetherness, we can share our expression of art while entertaining people with positive energy. Our story is still being written and I am honored to be able to tell my part.