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Did You Know? (A Letter to My Brother)

To my brother Jun Jun,

Hey brother I wanted to invite you to partake with us in the celebration of your life as you once walked this great Earth as a physical being. You moved on from your physical self in November 24, 2004 while serving in a military mission in Afghanistan. On this date of "November 24th" I would have typically been locked away in my room buried in my own self pity. However, so much has changed for me. I have learned to celebrate life versus mourn it. I have found my place of peace and everliving energy.

I talked about you today in my podcast and it is because of you I am who I am today. Your life has giving me new life. I remember when you came to visit me in my apartment outside of Camp Pendleton. You spoke to me as if you have found peace. I was very upset and a bit lost from the experiences that I have been through. I said some things to you that I should not have said. I suppose I was a bit jealous that you were at peace and I was fighting an internal battle from my experiences. I am sorry for that brother.

I am not writing you today to tell you sorry for that day, because I know you would tell me there is nothing to apologize for, but I do want to tell you "thank you" for looking out for me, even up to this moment. I feel like that day you came to visit me and the last letter you wrote me from Afghanistan, you knew your physical life was at stake and may be taken, but you seemed to be at peace. Did you know?

Did you accept this because you knew I was on the path of self-destructiveness. I know you were there, as energy, when you saw me alone in my apartment, intoxicated with my 12-gauge. Did you prompt my friend to come check on me? He saved my life that day.

My life is completely different from then. I have a family and a daughter, she is 8 years of age. She is your niece and she is beautiful. Lucy is a great mother to her and a wonderful wife to me. I have completely turned my life around and I have found peace. I often wonder if you knew of your physical self's destiny. I feel like you did. I feel like you sacrificed yourself so I may realize the path of my self-destruction.

Each day that I journey I find my being closer to my higher-self. I have found peace through your sacrifice. I have learned about meditation and realize that I can communicate beyond my physical being, if I just listen. Brother, I am listening. Thank you for being a constant part of my life. I love you.

My Brother

Another Photo of My Brother