Colliding Worlds

Happy days family and friends! I am excited about the new release of my upcoming single release, "Colliding Worlds", coming April 10th for #NewMusicFriday! I have been finally concentrating on my own music, which has been so uplifting. I am typically working on other people's music, whether it be mixing or mastering or prepping the audio tracks to meet industry standards. I am pretty fast, but it still takes up my time, along with the other projects I have going on. It felt nice to work on my artistry. It's like a breath of fresh air. I have an offer for you so keep reading!

I do love working on music, whether it be my own or other artists. I just love being in the music industry. Although we are seemingly approaching a new age of the music industry that is deeper into the digital arts and streaming, I am fully accepting these changes. There is much debate that the music industry is broken, but it is just evolving. I have no idea how the music industry will be in another 10 years, especially since the COVID-19 has kept musicians and artist alike cooped up in our homes. This "Home Confinement" will definitely play it's role in shaping the future of the music industry. I don't think its a bad thing. I am pretty much a recluse and I don't like to leave my house if I don't have to, but i know there are musicians who rely on touring and playing venues for income. The music business can be pretty expensive on both sides of music production/engineering and performing arts. This is why I am offering my services to the musicians who need help.

If you are a musician and have a single coming up, I will mix and/or master your single for you for FREE!! I want to do my part in helping out others impacted by the logistical and financial effects of COVID-19. So, if you're reading this and you have a single coming up, send your audio file to your google drive and give access to so I can pull your track(s) from there. Although my services will be free I am committed to giving my clients 100% effort and staying true to "I am done when you are". I hope this helps and I look forward to being a positive light in this difficult time. We are #AloneTogehter and most importantly we are one people.

This is a first come first serve type of offer so whoever contacts me first will get this free service. Simply send me an email to with the subject line stating "Free Music Services" and we will start the conversation from there. If you do not have a google drive, please sign up for your free drive. I conduct business with google so it is my go-to choice for audio file sharing. After you have emailed me wait for my reply and we will go from there. I look forward to working for you and speaking to you!


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