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A Letter from Me to You: A Dose of Positivity and Good News

Hey everyone! I am here to announce that I am feeling much better! I have been sick for a bit. I am not sure if it was the COVID-19 (doubt it) or a simple cold, but nevertheless I feel much better today, besides a little cough. I am happy to be somewhat back to normal, I just recently was able to do some studio work and start producing music again so that is a huge plus for me.

With all this COVID-19 news floating around and the media's choice of wording for its news headliners has been really adding this sense of negative vibes. Not cool at all. Its a bit off putting to see people go into a panic and start buying toilet paper and so much so that its even a hot commodity in the black market. Crazy! On top of that news, I received personal notice that I was just laid off from my part-time gig as a personal trainer at my local gym, but will be reinstated once this "Stay in" order is lifted. I can't even go to the gym because they closed every gym in my area. I suppose its a good thing for the "greater good". I am going to miss going to the gym and seeing my clients, friends, and co-workers. I really do enjoy working there.

So with this "stay-in" order (California) at least I can work on my label and music remotely anywhere in the world. Since, I happen to be home, I will work from home! So this is good news and it is uplifting since I am being surrounded with negative news and aspects surrounding the COVID-19 ordeal. Like I said earlier in this blog post, I was just feeling better so I started working on music again. I rarely get time to work on my own music, but I have been home I have nothing but time. I finally finished my upcoming single "Colliding Worlds" which is a really cool song. It has deep bass and whomping sounds that will tell a story through its melodies. If you liked Lockdown, I think you're going love Colliding Worlds, which will be released on all major platforms April 10, 2020.

If you haven't noticed I have explored genres in my "Rooted Kingdom" brand from reggae to Electronic Dance Music (EDM) [respectfully]. I did this for a couple reasons. Reggae has and always will be my passion and since I am part of Stuck in Consciousness (SIC), which is a roots reggae band with my best friend, it satisfies my creative and spiritual needs. Reggae will always have special place in my inner world, so I will keep reggae with SIC. But now let's talk about EDM!!

I love love LOVE EDM! I love creating it and exploring new sounds. Since I am a music producer/engineer I naturally enjoy EDM. I have always been too intimidated to even attempt to produce EDM, but it turns out I am pretty good at it. I have a great team of people within my label to help guide me to ensure I am on the right creative path of this genre. The more I produce it the better I get at it. I love being behind the scenes as a producer /engineer and its where I found my niche in the music industry. So, this is why my Rooted Kingdom (Artist) brand will be focusing on EDM. If you love my reggae music, don't worry I will still be making reggae with my band, SIC. Speaking of SIC, we are recording a new single so we will get that out to you soon.

Oh and I have to tell you! I just started a new beat for the RK Beats catalog and the song is super FIYAH (fire)!!! This melody though! It will be super amazing and can't wait to get it in the catalog. As of now I have my beats on SoundCloud (Be sure to like and repost as well) and of course my website, but I am contemplating on releasing it to all platforms just to get more of my beats out there. If you know someone who would like to lease my beats, be sure to send them my way or share my website with them. I would appreciate it greatly. The one thing that I love about being a music producer is the ability to be creative and to watch the musical project go from start to finish.

In more good news, my best friend is almost done with his schooling to be a respiratory therapist, so I am really excited for him. He shares some of his scholastic experiences with me and I share mine. He shared a paper he had to write in biology and I was mind-blown in the information that was in his paper. I love writing papers/essays, but his particular paper did not look enjoyable. I probably only knew of only a few words in it, such as "it, the, and is", LOL! It looked to be a difficult research paper to write. Well, my buddy and his kid received some type of honors award for top academics in class. He wasn't really to impressed over it, but I was. Its a difficult class and him and his son are doing really well. I am excited for him to be done with college.

Let's see, more good news...oh...yea...I have discovered this thing called "Nintendo Swtich" and I am hooked on it. I have been playing Zelda Breath of the Wild" and it brings back some awesome childhood memories of being with my late brother. I find myself smiling while I play the game. I don't often have good childhood memories, because I cannot recall any of it, but my memories are slowly coming back to me. I have been on this path of journeying to my higher-self fighting my depression and anxiety. It has been a fulfilling and challenging one, because I am gaining all these memories back. Its so amazing to live this life with a positive light. I am truly blessed.

Well everyone, I rambled on enough, but I just wanted to let you all know that I am doing much better and I hope you all are in high spirits as well. This is a tough time for our species as human beings, but together we can overcome this. I am hoping that after we defeat this COVID-19 we will all be more united as people. I wish you all great health and if you guys need to get a hold of me just to talk. I would love that. I will leave my info at the bottom of this post. Oh, before I forget, will not be releasing a Podcast episode this week (Tuesday). I don't think I can get through a recording session without coughing every so often. Sorry, I know some you look forward to my episodes. But it will be back soon! Okay everyone, talk to you later! A Letter from Me to You: A Dose of Positivty and Good News

Herman Roots


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