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A Knight's Awakening: Part III

As I climb the mountain that seems to have no foreseeable conclusion, my legs are weakening and I am tired. I stop to catch my breath. Years of this journey upward is not easy. There are many instances when I wanted to give up. It is seemingly easier to live under the command of another, but then one would not be truly living. I continue to travel upward and disregard the negative self-limiting thoughts. One must rewire his consciousness, which fuels his being; it is time reign and to be empowered. My journey in ascending the mountain is no longer tiring, why? In the mist of self-discovery, I began to realize that it is not the journey that is getting easier, I am getting stronger. The experience from this journey in an upward motion is difficult, but I can face myself and my fears; this is a test of my might. My crown has formed and my armor has surfaced; I am not done yet. My story has just begun.

I am ascending this great mountain and the natural crown on my head has formed. The discipline and inner strength gained from denying my urges to brush out my crown has proven to give me power. The edges of my beard has not been touched by a razor and it is an honor to experience the discomfort as my skin rejects the uncommon. The discipline gained from denying my urges has given me strength to power through my limiting beliefs. It is my mind-body connection. My self-limiting beliefs are challenged and have proven to be victorious.

It has finally come when my might would be tested. My crown has developed, my physical being has been forged with light; it is my armor. The armor I had lost to the cleverness of disguise was merely an outer shell. It is irrelevant to the protection of my being. The armor that has formed is deeply rooted from within. It is not pretty, it is not fancy nor is it shiny. My armor has scars and blotches of discolored pain from the impacts of battle. The armor that was lost is fitted for a knight, not a king. The crown that is upon my head is the symbol of my reign. It is my time to take my kingdom. This kingdom has no physical place, but has always been from within. It is beyond the realms of what is seen.

I realize that I was fighting evil in its territory as a warrior of light. One can only wield a sword for so long before his arms become heavy. That is when evil strikes. It awaits, lurking for the prime opportunity to strike. I was battling on the terms of those who oppose me. I wielded my sword for far too long and it was taken from me. My sword and shield was ripped away from my grips and I felt defenseless. That was my truth and it defined me. I realize my limiting beliefs have left me to be conquerable. It is the fault of my own and it is a learning experience.

As I find a place to rest and gather my thoughts I find comfort in realization that I am in complete control of my being. I enter into this cave embedded in the mountain and it's unknown intimidates me. I journey inside this holding place and discover the light that is illuminating my path is from the energy within. I see an outlining of a man seemingly with the head of a lion. In fear of the unknown that awaits me, my light weakens as I get closer.

My light has weakened from my fear, but it's strong enough to cast a painting of the man ahead. He has armor-like skin from the scars earned in battle. He does not need to speak words of his journey, because it is seen on his face. I confront my fear and I step closer. I realize I am in the presence of a king and I begin to kneel. The king extends his open hand to my chin and gently raises me preventing me from kneeling. He stands me tall and a glow illuminates the cave. He is revealed. He is my reflection. A Knight's Awakening: Donning of the Crown.


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