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A Knight's Awakening: Part II

I made my way out of the forsaken beast and I look to the illuminated pathway. I take in a deep breath of air and enjoy my freedom. I am thankful I was able to survive the very darkness that kept me captive behind concrete walls. My first few steps are the hardest, because my uncertainty of the unknown still intimidates me. I know I must follow the path that is illuminated.

As I am journeying I know there are many obstacles awaiting me. Along my way I have learned many new skills. I can swing my sword with my might, but if I do not swing it true than it will have no impact. I can hold my shield to protect my being, but if I am not holding it in the ready then it will not protect me. I must be aware of the negative energies that are attempting to influence my being. Only I have the power to control my energies.

I realize there are many more interpretations of negative and unfavorable incidents to come, however it is about how I can respond effectively and reign as champion. Many times during my journey I have been challenged and defeated, but my defeat was only because of my self-doubt and my views of my self-worth. Once again I face another challenge.

As I travel along this pathway illuminated by the energies of my being I notice a smiling and seemingly genuine man. Holding in his hand is a cup of lies in the forms of cool refreshing water. I did not notice at the time, but his other hand is hidden behind his back. I was too tired and weak to realize it. He knows I have traveled long. He can tell by the imprints of the shackles on my wrists that I fought my way out of the dungeon and I have escaped. The stranger does not say a single word to me, yet he extends his hand holding the cup of water. He offers me a drink and like a fool I accept it. I removed my armor, because it is heavy and I place my sword and shield on top of it. This seems like a safe place to gather my strength and I deserve to rest, because I have battled bravely and defeated my keeper's holding. I am blinded by my own pride to clearly see this is trickery.

I drank from the cup of lies and I became intoxicated with self-doubt and sorrow. My vision became blurred and the self-destructing whirlwind warped me into the shadows. I have fallen to my knees. My inner compass was affected by my decision to partake in a seemingly kind gesture and I was defeated by the strangers cleverness. I wake up to realize my armor, sword, and shield are gone. I have a wound in my back and I remember not seeing the stranger's other hand as he was hiding it from me. I realize he was holding a knife and he must have plunged it into my back. The wound is painful, but it will heal, however the scars will be a reminder of my mistake. I lost everything [I was overly confident]. The light within my being was exploited just as a reflection of the sun's rays from a glass shard could be manipulated to blind one's sight. I thought the stranger meant well and cared for my well-being. It is clear that this is a journey I must embark on my own.

The clouds of sadness and self-pity formed above my head and I look back to see my once resting place. The cold floors of the dungeon, the darkness that is gently keeping it, and the safety of the walls seemed appealing. It would be so easy to go back to the safety and comfort of the concrete walls. It is a familiar feeling so it is something I would be used to. I disregarded my inner monologue and continued my journey, the clouds that are over my head are becoming darker and wider. I know the cloud's sorrows will dissipate if I hold on to my faith. I lift my head, roll my shoulders back, and march forward. The moments of my mistakes will not define me. I can hear the sweet sounds of gentle music being played. I hear the comforting sounds of a voice singing a tune. I walk towards the sound. I can see the illumination of the sound waves. It is music to my ears. I look to see the energetic waves mimicking the forms of the Northern Lights.

It is a sound that is soothing to my spirit. It is a sound that initiates a calm and healing sensation to my being. I follow the music. As I listen, the sun's rays breaks through the darkest cloud and dissipates it. The sun kisses my cheeks and I am healed by its energy. I follow the sound of music and the soothing voice that is calming to my being. The music stops abruptly and I am confronted with the biggest mountain I have ever seen. I am intimidated by its height. I look up and I cannot see the top. There is no other way to travel, but to climb this great mountain. I can easily turn around and go back, however I have travelled too far to give up now.

I begin my journey up this mountain and it is a test of my might. It is the confrontation of myself and my self-doubt. I am not weak for I have escaped from the belly of the beast. I am powerful and the wound in my back has healed. I can climb this mountain. My legs are tired and I am exhausted, but an everliving energy is feeding my spirit. I ascend the mountain. After years of climbing I still have yet to reach the top I am continuing my journey. A crown has formed on my head, natural locks began forming at the tips. I am powerful and I am of light. I can sense a kingdom ahead. It is the kingdom that I saw when I stood on the highest tower of the beast. The Knight's Awakening.

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