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A Knight's Awakening: Part 1

Writer's notes: I wrote this piece, along with "...Part 2" and "...Part 3" more than a few years ago and it is has been on my mind the past few months. I have been experiencing this overwhelming feeling to share it and publish it again. I will release part 2 and part 3 later throughout this week.

After years of neglect of my own well-being and my need to thrive in a realm of energetic light has caught up to me. After being imprisoned behind the walls that was built as a containment force field of my misguided beliefs, it is finally my time to reign and take my kingdom. The sound of my sword being removed from its scabbard sends waves of energy signifying the termination of evil's reign.

The lords governing the realm that confined me to a concrete dungeon on the behalf of its keeper is no longer suitable for the power radiating through me. The chains on my wrists can no longer serve its purpose as it is empowered by fear. The exploration of the unknown has strengthen me to question my very being. My curiosity to navigate and explore the unknown has led me to find a key unlocking the dungeons metal door forged with the horrors of my past.

As I journeyed out of the belly of this castle I was encountered with guards wearing intimidating armor. The armor seems to be impenetrable and undefeatable. The guards are armed with swords strenghtened with darkness. I have nothing in my hands to defend myself, but this key to unlock the dungeon's door. My limiting self-beliefs of doubt has forced me to digress. I held on to the lies of my self-doubt and retraced my steps. I am back in the belly of the beast. The intimidation created by my own mind has led me to recidivate back to my keeping.

I can hear the dungeon's door close and the locking of the bolts clanging against the metal sends chills up my spine. I sit in my keeping where my sorrows would confine me. I am not done yet. I feel a radiance in my being and it is the energy of power from within. It is the love of life and the realization that I am not done yet. I rise from my knees standing on my two feet and I stand proud. I do not need this forsaken key that is in my hand. I realize the guards beyond the walls knew this key was irrelevant. Some how the guards knew the sight of them alone would digress me back to the darkness of my resting. I realized I was played a fool. I stand face-to-face to the door of uncertainty and with all my might I kick it. The energy radiating within me has centered itself in my being.

I made it outside of the castle's fortress and I stand on top of the highest towers. I can see my kingdom. It is beyond the walls of fear and uncertainty. I have to journey and conquer what may be in my path. I remove my sword from its scabbard. The sound of it sends chills up the spine's of my once keepers. They are not ready for the wrath I am going to bring upon their realms. I cannot be contained and I will not be their prisoner to darkness. I am a warrior of light and as I overlook my kingdom, I can see the pathway illuminated by it. I am ready. I am awake. A Knight's Awakening.

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