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Expanding the Brand

The thoughts to expand my business, operationally, has been lingering on my mind. It has been on my mind for a few months. I have been wanting to operationally expand my business by adding a health and fitness division to it, but I was stumped on how to integrate it into my current music and blog business, Rooted Kingdom. After doing some research and an abundance of brainstorming I think I pin pointed it on the "how to".

I am going to simply place one foot in front of the other and move forward. It is a little nerve wrecking to add another operational division, because I do not want the intentions of Rooted Kingdom to be confusing. When I started my company I wanted to explore the aspects of helping people and elevating their lives. I wanted my company to have a positive impact on people lives. I wanted to help others feel the positivity that I felt through a deeper connection than just another human being meeting another human being. I wanted to create a company that would ultimately connect me with people on an energetic level so I started with music.

Music is one of those things where the song can be a person's favorite song, because of the sound and groove, but can quickly turn into an overstanding of one's soul. That is the energetic connection that I seek. I want to positively impact people's lives. So I created an Extended Play (EP) Album titled "Have Faith" using my business name as the title. At the time there were some things that caused my best friend and I to have a disagreement and part ways (professionally). After still maintaining our friendship (of course) we realized communication was a major factor in regards to impacting our professional relationship. We have since remedy that and communicatively operate using a different set of standards. After, Rooted Kingdom began to morph into a deliberate music company being home to my band STUCK in Consciousness. As all this was taking place I was blogging and expressing myself artistically through the written word. I have always did some type of journaling as a form of expression.

Once again, Rooted Kingdom expanded operationally and took on blogging and writing. I was able to connect with some amazing people through my blogs while expressing myself artistically. Organic friendships were made through my blogs and that motivated me, because it was a life circle of energy. We all gave some positive energy to lift one another up and when one of us would fall short, to include me, there is someone to help motivate and inspire. I have met some amazing people and I am thankful for their friendship (You guys no who you are, yes you! Much love and RASpect Lions and Lionesses).

So in this journey to, what I am going to refer to as Rooted Kingdom, I have been wanting to incorporate a health and fitness division, focused on helping people reach their overall health and fitness goals. I was at one point extremely overweight, but I was able to change my life by making a conscious effort in health and fitness. The experience and the connections I have made with people on my heath and fitness journey has been amazing.

I want to help people in their fitness journey just as I was helped. So I have made the decision to start working on expanding the operational aspect of my company. I hope to have it launched and running within a couple months. In the meantime, I will be looking to expand my knowledge in the technical and nutritional aspect of it. I have enrolled myself in a couple courses of the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM). I am excited to expand my knowledge and to humble myself in these new beginnings. This is exciting for me and as I continue to grow in my mind, body, and spirit I am excited share my journey. Expanding the Brand.


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