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Artistic Expression

Self-expression through artistic channels have been very therapeutic for me. The art of the written word is one of my most calming practices. I write everyday and often times I write more than once a day. There is a sense of freedom that I associate with writing. Being free in a world full of rules, laws, and policies, which were created by man nonchalantly to benefit another, is becoming more difficult. The only true freedom that I have is my freedom of thought. The very rules, laws, and policies that were established to "create order" and to "benefit the people" are created from lies, greed, and selfishness. I see this everyday and it seems my only escape from this is through the artistic forms of self-expression.

Writing is a continuous practice in my day. I write when I blog and I write when I am creating music. Something about reading words and putting the thought onto paper is intriguing to me. I enjoy putting in some instrumental music and writing. Sometimes I write just to write with no particular purpose at all. Sometimes I do not plan to publish my writings nor do I plan to use it for another piece of work. I just simply enjoy writing. I suppose it's the things that I do when I write that I associate it with positive emotions.

One of my favorite artist to listen to when I write [and read] is Yiruma and one of my favorite piece of work from him is called a "River Flows in You". When I hear his music I can feel the calming energy and it puts me in a state of bliss. His choice of musical notation arrangements is phenomenal and he plays with absolute grace. As I listen to some of my favorite songs from my favorite artist I am inspired to write and I simply write just to write.

Music and writing go hand-in-hand for me. I enjoy being around books and I enjoy reading words. I enjoy listening to sounds and I enjoy listening to music. I have hearing loss and there are certain frequencies that I cannot hear, but I can feel the music and I can hear the notes created by my own subconsciousness. I am a musician so I have an idea of what notes should and would be played in order to satisfy musical theory. The phenomenon abilities of the human mind is astonishing. Music calms the ringing in my ear so its not so apparent. Sometimes the ringing in my ear is too much and I may become irritated by it. I try to keep music in my ear or at the very least in my head. It has the same effect for me, so either or will do just fine. When I write a piece of music (lyrical or notations) to use for a project, I view it as the same as writing. It is a creation of something to artistically express myself.

The freedom I find in the calming realms of writing and the creation of music has tremendously helped me to stay focused on my path to my higher self. I hold to my faith and continue to artistically express myself during struggling times. Writing and music is liberating to my being and helps me to handle the chaos that the external world may bring forth. It is my choice on how I handle and allow the external factors to impact my being. My mind is empowered through the written word and the sound of music. Artistic Expression.


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