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Defending My Kingdom

As I stand in front of the gates leading to my kingdom I am ready to defend it. I have donned my shield and armor and it protects me from the attacks of negativity. My other hand carries the burden of my weighted sword, forged with the lights of energies from within my being. My shield and sword is heavy, but I am powerful. I have faith in the armor that protects me. The crown upon my head shall be seen and its length shall indicate the duration of my journey. The crown upon my head is worn as a symbol of my kingdom of which I rule. There is no one to dictate my internal being from within the gates.

As I stand in front of my Kingdom I see the darkness advancing forward. The darkness moves towards me and my heart beat is steady. I raise my shield to protect me from the strikes of evil. The intimidation of evil has no impact to my being. I have been here before and I am seasoned on the battle field. A strike from my opposer has been given, but my shield absorbs the impact. I plant my feet and grasp my sword. I thrust my sword piercing the darkness, but it did not fall. I realize the darkness can only be defeated with light. Darkness is the absence of light, thus I must illuminate the night sky.

Darkness strikes and strikes heavily. I am forced backwards, but I am still maintaining my stance. I plant my feet and raise my shield. My heartbeat is steady, my mind is focused and I summons the light within. My sword illuminates the night sky and I strike thrusting my sword in the center of darkness piercing its being. Light gleams through its center. The screams of defeat is loud just as thunder roars in the storm. The darkness is dissipating away from my kingdom. It turns to nothing and the light fills my lands. My kingdom stands and my house is undivided. My mind is clear and peace returns within my kingdom.

The past few days has been a wild ride for me. It has been controlled chaos, however chaos is the absence calm. My calm has returned and my peace is within me in my very being. I can feel the light within me and it is the same feeling from the warmth of the sun as it would kiss my cheeks. There is certainty that light remains and it has prevailed. The darkness is not my darkness nor is the evil mine. I spread my being way too thin for me to handle and I became careless over my being. Yes, I am powerful, but I need to take care of myself first before I can take care of anyone else. I took on too much.

I cannot move forward when there is resistance of negativity. There is always another way and the only reason to fight [metaphorically] is to defend one's kingdom. I walked into the fight freely and overconfidently. I have learned so much from this past journey and I am not embarrassed over my failure. I have fallen from my feet, but here I stand in another day. Another day is another chance to live as I should. It is another chance to experience the most of life and not to focus on the negativity. My mind [sword] has been sharpened and forged with the light and I can see clearly beyond what I previously could.

I feel a sense of new beginning and I am hopeful for a positive future. I am creating my future by living in the moment of positivity. There is no need to look back and dwell on the darkness that defeated me in a battle, but not again. I am stronger than before and more powerful than I was. My mind is clear and I am ready. I am ready to defend my kingdom. Defending My Kingdom.