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Student of Life

I would to take a few moments to express my gratitude. Thank you to my wife, family and friends (to include my social media friends) for your constant support. My blogs have been a documentation of my ups and my struggles. I try to be as transparent as I can be. I want to be as real as I can and to not just always document the good finding in my life. I appreciate those who continue to encourage me to write. For those who know my journey ovestand how far I came and how much I have struggled. I appreciate the support and love that has been given to me. My brother of my blood is no longer with me, however I can feel his presence from the love of my brothers and sisters that unconditionally love and respect me. I see you. I see all of you.

As I begin this new chapter in my life I am beginning it with a clear mind. I have learned many things in this past few days. My energies of my being came out of alignment and I was unbalanced. I have dealt with difficult people many times before, but this one in particular caught me off guard. There is good in this negative experience I have came across and I have learned a valuable lesson from it. I have been humbled and I intend to grow from it.

As I start this new chapter in this book called My Life I am in a different place of peace. I have been meditating for a couple hours the past few days, longer than usual. Usually my meditation is 20 to 45 minutes or so, but the past couple days I needed to travel further into the realms of my inner peace. I find my serenity in the quantum realms of meditation and questions that I seek are answered there. In my meditation I am listening to the energies of my being. I can hear perfectly and my physical senses are irrelevant in this realm. I am learning to be more present in the now and to be no one versus struggling to hold on to my identity. I am letting go of my self and becoming no one.

My body-mind is struggling to stay intact to maintain control and be my consciousness, but I will not surrender to it. I will, however, surrender to the realms beyond the physical world. It is the unknown where possibilities happen and I am journeying in that direction. I am overwhelmed with clarity and for the first time I can see further than what I could. Prior to my experiences of what transpired a few days ago leading to what was yesterday, I questioned if there is anything else to learn. I thought I had climbed the highest mountain and I thought I conquered it all. I was disappointed, because I knew there had to be more in my journey. My higher self was calling, but I did not see the path to travel and I was becoming frustrated at my inability to see it.

I had to fall from where I stood and to fight my way back up the mountain to appreciate my journey and to see clearly. I could not journey any further with the lens I was seeing through. The next chapter in my life and the next path for me to take could not be seen through the same lens that got me to that point. Well, I found a new lens to see through and as I look through it to see my journey I realize it is no thing. There is no thing there to see. This next chapter is walking by faith and not by sight. I am relying more on my inner morale compass and the energies that are guiding me. I realize that I am writing my story as I go and there is no blueprint to follow. I am in the unknown and it is intimidating. The unknown is prodigious and can be overwhelming.

I am walking by faith and I have learned much about myself during my travels. This new chapter is promising great fortune and the pages are blank for me to write my journey. I am excited for this life and I am ready to journey as far as I can go. I cannot take what I think I know with me, I can only use it as a guide and to continue my journey. There are many new questions I have, but I am humbled and I shall listen. I am a student of life. Student of Life.