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A Caged Lion: Part 2

In light of yesterday's decision to make an impacting change in my life has been a weight lifted off of my shoulders. I no longer will be the puppet with strings awaiting for the puppeteer to pull it. I cut those strings and I have freed my being. I am excited for new opportunities in the unknown. The decision I have made will impact me and I am sure there will be struggles, however it is worth my very freedom. I am not a robot to commanded.

I appreciate the support from my family, especially my wife. The struggle has been constant for me and I did the best I could to give my positive energy to the very people that demands my services. I have given all I could and I am draining my energetic resources at the expense of my well being. Something has to change and the situation I am in that is impacting my being will not change, so I will change my external environment.

It is intimidating to travel to the unknown, but I know that the unknown holds new opportunities. Although there may not seemingly be anything in sight on the surface level, but beyond it there much more to see. I believe I am on the right path and the light I carry that is of my energy with illuminate my way. I fought this urge for a long time and as my awakening is deepening beyond my physical self I can no longer go against this urge. For me to stay in my current situation is like I am living in someone else's time and body.

The misinterpretation of power is one believing he [or she] has power over me. The abuse of power has led me to travel against the current in this uphill battle. This is not my first time to fight against negative forces so I am ready. Life is too precious and too amazing for me to give anymore energy to something that I do not believe in and doe snot believe in me. My energy is not wanted nor is it needed. People are only ready to accept positive energy when it is their time and it is not their time. My time and talents is better used somewhere else.

I would much rather fail and fall from standing on my feet than to live my life on my knees. I am powerful and I am beautiful. The crown on my head signifies I am the ruler of my kingdom. One's evil ways are not welcomed in my realm. There is no hate and I refuse to allow anger to control my very being. I recognize the signs of my detachment from the world and I will stand up after I have fallen and fight again. I will free myself from the cage [you think] that contains me. As I have been poked by the many observers I have discovered the weakness in the structure that [you think] contains me. Hear me roar. A Caged Lion: Part 2.

#Lion #Freedom