Peace and Quiet

Writing has been one of my favorite things to do. I have been writing my blogs for about 188 days straight, which is about 6 months. Although I may not post certain blogs the same day I write it, but I have been writing everyday. I find peace in writing and it helps me to organize my thoughts. Sometimes I feel like there is a bunch of clutter in my mind and there are a few things I do to help me quiet my mind.

I meditate everyday and it has helped me to stay out of my head. Sometimes my mind will not shut off and I tend to worry about this or that. I worry about things that are out of my control and not important. Most of the time, since I meditate daily, my mind has been quiet. I recognize that if there are many external factors or instances that are out of my control I tend to worry a bit. However, I do catch myself and my worrying turns into "I am going to meditate". Once I begin my meditation my mind quiets and I am in a peaceful state once again. Meditation has helped me through some difficult times during my journey to my higher-self.

After I meditate I enjoy writing. Sometimes I write three or four times a day. I like to write blog entries, poems, and songs lyrics. I like to express myself artistically through the written word and often some of my best writings come when the words have an emotional attachment to it. Writing is like taking my thoughts, organizing it and putting on paper. I do not like clutter; even in my household everything must be organized. If something is cluttered I have to organize it. I suppose this is only relevant to my personal things and property. I am not bothered with my need to organize clutter at a grocery store or anything like that, it mostly pertains to my office, my house, and cars. So when I write it is like I am organizing my thoughts, and it helps me to see what I am actually thinking. It helps me to overstand why I am having certain thoughts and acting a certain way. It helps me to pin point why I am irritated or recognize something that may be impacting me negatively.

I like to keep a positive mindset and to be free from negativity. For the most part I do a pretty good job at it. There are only a few instances where my mind is in chaos, but that has not happened for years now. Meditation and reading has helped me to keep my mind calm, especially meditating. Meditation and reading are my biggest tools to keep my positive. Of course since I write, I enjoy reading as well. It can be about anything and I will read anything just as long as it is positive and not hateful. I do not like to fill my mind with negativity, so I will not read it either. Sometimes I read about politics and sometimes I read the news, but I try not to because it's hard to tell where the truth is when it's coming from the media or a politician.

I enjoy reading spiritual books and books of different religions. I find religion intriguing and although I do not have a specific religion that I practice, I do live a certain lifestyle that one could mistake for a religion. If someone mistakenly says I am this or that religion I do not correct him or her, because a person's assumption of "my religious practices" is not important nor does it impact me. If I am asked then I would be happy to explain it, but most of the time there is an assumption and I just roll with it. I suppose my ability to correct someone if they are incorrect has been taught through my practice of meditation.

There is very little things that bother me now and meditation, writing, and reading has helped me to be in peace. Meditation puts many things in perspective for me. Writing has helped me to organize my thoughts and turn it into something tangible. Reading has helped me gain knowledge and is simply an enjoyment for me. I have found my serenity in the simple pleasures in life. Life is amazing and I enjoy the simplicity of life that it has to offer. Peace and Quiet.

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