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Finding My Way

The journey to my higher self sometimes feels like an unsolvable maze and I may become discouraged. Although I am discouraged from the trials and tribulations that may be present in my path I continue forward. When I am feeling as though discouragement is at my feet and attempting to slow me, I fight against it and believe that I am strong enough.

I have learned to be strong in my journey to my higher self. I am sometimes faced with ridicule, mockery, and sometimes hate. It is sometimes difficult to get beyond my physical-self desires of anger, especially when the surrounding negativity is seemingly occurring more often than not. There are days where I am physically tired, because I spend the day attempting to fight against the negative forces brought forth to me from others and even my own personal flaws. I am strong and powerful, and I can defend against evil forces, but I do become tired and my defenses may be impacted.

I have learned to accept and appreciate the negativity, because it makes me stronger. My defenses against the negative actions of others and even my negative emotions have become greater. I have became greater as I have overcame another set of obstacles in my path. I am journeying to my higher-self and my journey has been amazing so far. From the point of when I started and to how far I have come in this moment of the now, has been an experience full of lessons. I am in a place of serenity and it is my livity. My livity is beyond the desires of my physical-self and it is beyond this physical world. The longer I journey the stronger I am becoming.

I look back sometimes to reflect on how far I have traveled. Although I look back, it is never to retreat in my journey. I look back to reflect and I am amazed at what I was able to accomplish. I broke free of my own restraining shackles and learned to think differently. I am viewing my life with a much different lens and it has helped me to remain positive. My outlook in life is much better than what it was. I am more hopeful and grateful. My elevated emotions has helped to give me the courage to be undefined.

Being undefined is seemingly scary, because I was the type that wanted to fit in and to be socially accepted by my peers. The more time I spend in my place of serenity, which is a place beyond my physical-self, I am no longer in need of social acceptance. I am free from any definition that may be restraining or restricting.

This path to my higher-self is sometimes seemingly long and tiring, yet it is rewarding. I am pleased in my new life and it is filled with elevated emotions. To be unshackled and free from self-limiting negative emotions is a complete feeling of being weightless. There is nothing to slow me or to divert me from my journey. Life is wonderful and although at times it may seem like an unsolvable maze, I am enjoying the journey. The maze is not unsolvable and not impossible. It is only impossible in a defining world, but I am not of a defining world. I am undefined and I am finding my way. Finding My Way.

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