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Forgiveness is sometimes a difficult task especially when it is to be done unconditionally. True forgiveness is forgiving someone for their actions and expecting nothing in return. To unconditionally forgive one must humble his or herself and be free of the negative energies.

Lately I have been confronted with actions of others and it has been getting difficult for me to remain humble and to unconditionally forgive. I noticed that I have been struggling with this and I need to realign my energies. I can feel my inner oneness being impacted and I am feeling frustrated. I am not sure what exactly my frustrations were so I spent a little extra time meditating.

As I meditated and brought myself to my inner peace I cleared my mind and I simply listened. I closed my eyes and started with deep calming breaths. I started contracting my hip flexor muscles and at the same time flexing my abdominal muscles. As I am doing this I am following my breath from my hip flexor region to the top of my crown and outward circulating. I am repeating the process over and over while taking deeper breaths. About my fifth breath I hold my breath for a few seconds and focus on the energies flowing through. I release my breath and I feel at complete ease. I am ready to listen.

During my meditation I feel my self at ease and I am calling for positive emotions of love and peace. I am becoming more energy and less matter. I am freeing myself from the desires of my physical being, which are revenge and anger. I write "revenge", because I desire to do unto the wrong doers as they had done unto me. I need to let go of this desire, because my anger may grow stronger and I have learned that anger may consume my being. As I am in meditative state I raise my positive emotions and allow the negativity to flow outward. I can feel my inner being come into alignment. I am feeling my oneness and I am feeling refreshed. It was like the weight i was carrying has been lifted off of my shoulders.

I was wrong for becoming frustrated and although it may be a normal human response to negative actions, I know better than to allow the negative actions of those to control my being. I can make excuses for myself and say "I am only human", but I feel that I would only be trying to justify why it is okay. In my journey to my higher self I have learned that I need to become no one. Once I have truly became no one the negative actions of those will no longer impact my inner being. My higher self is calling and I acknowledge my wrongs. Although my wrongs may have been internal and no physical actions were taken I have still disrupted my inner being and allowed negativity to enter my kingdom.

After I finished my meditation I felt lifted and elevated. I felt at peace and I can feel my inner being is pleased. This took me a couple days to reset my energies, however I did it. I am still learning and I will make mistakes. My higher self is calling. I am humbled.

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