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Thought Provoking: Unsolved Maze of Facts?

Hours before the sun will rise my eyes opened for the first time in this day. I feel well rested and I am grateful for the life I have created. I have this overwhelming feeling of love and I feel meaningful in this world. I say to myself "this day is beautiful and my life is wonderful". I freshen up and made me a hot beverage. I am enjoying the warmth of it as I sit in my office. I am elevated beyond my physical senses and I am in a state of complete bliss. There are no worries within my being. I am free of any negativity or emotions of my past self. I am in the moment and this moment is blissful.

I wanted to read before I did my meditation so I read for a little while. I enjoy reading, because it allows me to use my mind and not be influenced by any outside media of commercial ads of people depicting a role. I can create the physical statures of the characters and the landscape of where they may be. As I finished reading for that moment I took some time to contemplate how amazing it is that I can create this story lines with my own imagination and bring forth elevated emotions. By the way, I tend to only read books that are nonfiction and informational. I like to read books that are spiritual and scientific based. I enjoy reading about different religions and stories of the people who are depicted in books. I am not particular to one religion, I simply find it interesting. I suppose it's my curiosity why one religion would imply that it's the true religion over another. Nevertheless I enjoy reading about the thoughts of different authors and how they may interpret religious laws or scientific evidence.

I have read a couple books, both about evolution of mankind, and referring to how man came to populate the lands. Both the books depicted evidence of the same nature but the perception of the evidential findings were interpreted differently between both authors. I even read a couple political books and both authors had different opinions in politics, however they both had the same goal in mind. I find it interesting some would ague over politics, science, and religion. It seems to me it is how the information is perceived and translated into one's mind. I would venture to [say] that people are also heavily influenced by others with the same mindset to help validate their findings and perception. I find this interesting.

What really interests me and sometimes leaves me baffled [I like the word "baffled", it is fun to say in my head; "baffled"] is most of time there is a common goal with different studies of the topics. With the different studies there is usually much debate over it and the debate usually turns into arguments leading to a divide in the People. Time is spent on debating and trying to prove another theory is correct over another. It seems to me that some desire the need to be validated by the knowledge he or she possesses at the expense of the precious time that one cannot get back. People argue over topics and disagreements even at the expense of others. The "government shutdown" is an extreme example of what I am referring to.

Government leaders are arguing over politics of what they believe is truth and a government "shutdown" is the outcome of the inconclusive argument. With that knowledge, I find it extremely odd that the arguments would continue at the expense of the People of which they serve (the [approximate] 800,000 federal employees not receiving a paycheck, as well as other people who own or operate businesses due to the lack of consumer spending, thus impacting the economy), while the government leaders are still receiving theirs. The debate over how to reach the common goal is being argued over, because of the divided parties perception of how to reach it.

The perception of how one interprets information or evidence is not really factual, but how it is perceives, which makes it "factual". An example of a fact would be: two plus two equals four (2 + 2 = 4). Someone can influence another and explain their interpretation persuading the person. In some instances, if not most, facts of something is a perception. There are many topics to discuss and debate over. The perception of those facts are in the eye of the beholder. My perception is my truth. My truth is my fact. Unsolved Maze of facts?

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