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The undeniable state of fear can stop someone in their path. Fear can deter a person from traveling to their desired point of A to point B. It can mislead a person and remove the desire to become what he or she could possibly become. Fear instills that the possible is impossible and will leave the person stagnant wondering what the future could have been. Fear is an emotion that can be controlled, however one must not surrender to the emotion that is of one's past self.

Fear may start in many forms in a person's life and manifest to something seemingly unstoppable. It can disguise itself as self-doubt causing a person to feel uncertain. The lack of overstanding the unknown can manifest into fear and robbing a person of a necessary life change. I have once lived my life in fear and had surrendered to the ideas of it as it took control of my life. There were many instances where it left me wondering in the "what if(s)". Fear had stopped me and prevented me from becoming what I needed to be and to do what I needed to do to elevate myself as a person.

As silly as this may seem, I once feared myself. To elaborate on this, I did not want to show people who I truly was, because I feared no one would like me or accept me. I feared that people would say mean and horrible things to me. This way of thinking kept me grounded and prevented me to move forward in my life. It was self-doubt that awakened the sleeping beast, referred to as fear. Fear would take control of my life preventing me from accomplishing the seemingly impossible. As I allowed fear to control my life I would find myself believing in the lies fed to me by my own self-limiting beliefs. I started to believe the feelings manifested by fear and it would be defining.

My fear started with self-doubt and it would lead me to remain in as my past self. Since emotions of fear begins with something that one would associate a negative experience with, it could define the person's present if he or she allows it. Fear is a survival instinct and it has plays a significant role in human survival. If there is danger near, the mind will recognize this, flood the body with chemicals to heighten ones ability to fight and run away from danger. The body and mind can handle this type of stress for a short period of time, however to remain in a constant state of stress will begin to deteriorate ones mental psyche and physical well being. The point is, fear causes stress and human beings are not designed to remain in a constant state of stress. It can lead to physical and mental harm. I was depressed for many years, because I surrendered to fear. I allowed it to control my life and influence my being.

Once I overcame my fears and removed myself from its restraints I was able to create a new life for myself. Amazing things started to happen for me and the impossible became possible. I was once extremely overweight, because I feared failure. I did not want to start just to fail and I was in the belief that I would never be able to change. I surrendered to the ideas of fear. However, I overcame my fear and competed in a nationally qualifying body building event. I placed top 5 (naturally) and that's when it became very apparent that I can accomplish anything I put my mind to. I simply had to believe and unshackle myself from the chains of fear.

As I moved from my past self to living in the now fear started to become irrelevant and I would gain confidence in myself. I began expressing myself artistically through music and the written word. I started my business and simply believed that I could do it. If I would have remained in the claws of fear I would not have been able to accomplish what I have done. I am pleased with the abilities that I have reveled. I only discovered my new self, because I did not allow fear to blind my view of the path I wanted to travel on.

Fear is not defining and it is not a life sentence to imprisonment of oneself. With one foot in front of the other slowly move forward to discover the unknown. Fear is not necessary in every second of one's life. Fear is an emotion of the past and the past does not belong in one's present. It is the past and it belongs there. Allow the unknown to bring forth a new life that one desires. Do not fear the unknown and do not surrender to fear. Place energy in elevated emotions of love, gratitude, confidence, and inspiration. Rise up and break free of one's past self, live in the moment and be in the moment to create a positively promising future. Unshackled.

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