Elevated Emotions of Positivity

This day is beautiful and the perfect day to be thankful just like every other day. I begin each day saying aloud or quietly to myself something that is inspirational and positive. As I am saying or having positive thoughts I put a smile on my face. I consciously feel the smile on my face and I stay in that moment for as long as I want to. I feel the positive energy radiate through me and I focus on the elevated emotions I am feeling. I ensure to show gratitude for the life I have been given and I am ready to start my day.

This day as I awaken before the sun rises I am thankful for another day of life. There are things I can complain about, but complaining does no me good. Actions are manifested through conscious thought and I do my very best to create conscious positive thoughts. With positive conscious thoughts I can create a new future by elevating emotions of gratitude and happiness. Complaining about the negative things that may impact my life is like running on a treadmill, I am running in the same space not moving forward, yet I am tiring myself out. I would much rather identify the things I would like to change and make decisions with a positive mindset to take the necessary actions to ensure I can accomplish the things I need to accomplish.

What I do now in the present will positively or negatively impact my future. I ensure to do things that are positive and pleasing to my inner being to ensure a positive future. I can manifest my future by remaining in a the present moment with elevated emotions. Some examples of elevated emotions are gratitude, love, happiness, inspiration, and serenity. There are many more elevated emotions that one can experience and it is important to manifest a future with it. The energy that a person puts out into the world he or she will get back. Besides, life is much more beautiful with bright and vibrant colors.

It is easy to find something to be unthankful for, however that negative thought can lead a person to make decisions based upon negativity and it will reflect in one's actions. This may cause a series of events leading to more negativity. Having thoughts of negativity can blind a person and keep the person from seeing positive opportunities that may change his or her future.. I used to be in a state of negativity and I used to complain about my life. When I changed my thought process and began having a positive mindset my life started to positively enhance. My life changed positively, because I saw opportunity instead of obstacles. Life is subjective.

Sure, I may seem like an unsuccessful struggling musician to some, but what does it mean to be successful? Is one's successes gauged on the caparison to another? I do not believe so. I believe success is subjective just as the many things in life. One should not compare hisself or herself to another. I should not compare myself to another person, because my situation and my life is different from anyone else. Besides there is only one me and I happen to love who I am and I feel successful.

The outlook of one's life is subjective and it is perceived through the eyes of the person and no other. Look at life through a lens that is positively uplifting and be grateful. The perception of life is different from person-to-person and each person will have a different perspective. Elevated emotions of gratitude will promise a positive outlook in life. Things will go into place as one desires through elevated emotions of positivity. Elevated Emotions of Positivity.

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