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Acknowledgement of Self: Hidden Intentions

Opening words. Today is another beautiful day and I look forward to observe the sunrise and the contemplate on the many gifts that life has given me. I am thankful and appreciative to those who have been reading my work. I appreciate our interactions and conversations that may arise. I am grateful to the support and positivity that has been shown to me. Thank you for your input and I value your words. Thank you for being a part of my journey. Before I get into the topic displayed in the title portion of this particular work, I would like to express my gratitude of life.

Gratitude and elevated emotions. I rise from my sleep and I am grateful to experience another day. As I am standing on my two feet I reflect on the things that I am thankful for. I am thankful for the ability to stand and to walk. I am thankful for the air in my lungs and the my beating heart. I am thankful for my consciousness, to be aware of my inner being, and the outer world surrounding me. I am thankful for the energy that flows through me and keeping me in my state of Livity. There are many aspects of my life of which I am grateful for. Life is wonderful and to acknowledge the many wonderful things allows me to appreciate my being. I am conscious.

Freedom in consciousness. I am following the path where my energy leads me. I trust my energy and I thankful for my ability to be aware of it. My consciousness is my freedom and it is the bridge to travel to the unknown. My consciousness is probably the only true freedom I may have and it is a safe place for me to travel that is not scheming a plan to overthrow my kingdom.

Validation of one's self. There are many instances in this world where something is expected in return for acts of kindness or for the basic decencies of humanity, thus there is a selfish scheme and acts of kindness is not true kindness. For instance, a person who holds the door open for another may become upset, because the words "thank you" are not said to acknowledge his or her acts of kindness. What is the intention and what is expected in return for an act of kindness? Here is another example, If I smile at someone to display an act of kindness and a smile is not given back to me, should I become upset? Even though the person may not feel my negative emotion of being upset, it is still impacting my inner being. My true intentions of smiling to another person is not displaying an act of kindness, but to validate my being. These are self-limiting emotions to validate one's being and Livity cannot be obtained.

Acknowledgement of my wrongful ways. I think about this and I can remember multiple times when I became offended, because I displayed acts of kindness and received nothing in return. My actions were kind, but my intentions were wrong. I have learned that in order for me to reach a higher state of consciousness I must completely let go of my physical being and desires. My desire to be accepted by others is my falling. I have been brought to my knees and humbled because of my sins.

Changing my ways; realization to the path of peace and Livity. Opening a door for someone and expecting a verbal acknowledgment in return is an overlooked aspect of kindness that is not true kindness. I realized this about my self and it is the little details as such that has helped me to obtain true serenity in my consciousness. I cannot be at peace if I am always fighting an internal war. A war that is between light and the absent of light. The darkness is irrelevant, because darkness only exists if I allow it. Darkness no longer exist in my kingdom, only light. As I smile at people or open the door for someone I expect nothing in return. The simple acts of kindness is intended to show love to another human being. It is the respect for another life. Once life is truly respected and appreciated then life will have a greater meaning beyond one's selfish desires.

Realization and knowledge of self. I have been humbled by instances in my life that has brought me to my conclusions of peace and consciousness. Although I may have came to my conclusion it is not written in stone, because I am adaptable to new knowledge that I may learn. For me to learn something new my mind must always be willing to accept it. Think of a cup of water; once the cup is full no more water can be poured into it. One must empty the cup of water to be able to pour more into it. I For me to accept new knowledge my cup must be emptied. I have learned that to display acts of kindness it must be genuine and expect nothing in return. Once I have done that I will be free from the instances that are limiting ideas of my self-worth. I do not need acceptance of my being to know my worth. Everything leads back in a circle if it is not being controlled. I am in control.

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