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Provoking Thought

Sometimes I feel like I am caught between the two worlds of the living and the everliving. It is the wild battle of choices between the actions of good and actions of the greater good. I often second guess myself when I am seemingly straddling the realms of good and evil. This journey has awakened me to a consciousness beyond what I am seemingly unprepared for. There is a war and I am caught between it.

The two worlds that I am a part of are the world that is of awareness of the energies (spirituality) and the physical world of matter. I have traveled beyond the physical world; it is the world where matter, space, and time is irrelevant. It is where I can become less matter and more energy. The other world is what is deemed as real by most. It is the world that is ruled by greed, power, and the many sins of man. It is the secular world that is most common and prevalent. The world where the physical senses are relied upon in order to validate one's reality. This is the world that I see pain and anger, which is not from my being. I see the actions of greed and one's need to validate his of herself with power. This is the world I do not want to be part of and I want to remain fully in the world beyond the physical walls.

The everliving peace, the beautiful sounds, and angelic melodies of the energies brings me to livity. I can find my higher-self there. I am free to move without shackles constraining my very being. I want the physical world to be much like the world that I have discovered. The world that is beyond physical matter, where the laws and rules of man are forbidden. It is where the secular relevancy are nor longer relevant. There is no judgment or hate. There is no war, but peace. There is no hate only love. The energies that are beyond the secular is waiting to be discovered and it is good for all. I have found my peace in the world that is of the everliving.

From the vantage point of where I am being I can see the sins that I have committed and I can see the foolishness of my actions. I no longer want to be a part of that world that is seemingly ruled by flesh and blood, but I feel as if I am not done yet. There is much for me to accomplish in the world that is desired among many.

The realms of good and evil is balanced. Can one exist without the other? Can I exist in both worlds? Since my awakening I see and recognize my own impurities. I accept my imperfections and I do my best to learn from my mistakes. I can only believe my sins have been purified with the energy that is beyond the physical world. My sins may be purified, but are not forgotten. The teachings in the world's most sacred book(s) state that I I have been washed clean, however it was written by man. Who is to govern the impure? I can only believe in the truth, which is perceived solely by me. My truth is irrelevant to anyone else's. Who I am to share teaching that I have only been studying for a short period of time. 36 years of life is not a long time in terms of everliving.

While journeying with my head held high and my crown upon my head, I came to realize that yes, I can be in both worlds. My eye has opened to a new reality. I bring with me the energy that is beyond the physical world. I can sense it and I can feel it. I am often times caught in an unbalance of good and evil, positive and negative, love and hate, and I always choose the light which reflects off or my inner being. I have to accept that I cannot change the past and I must forgive what evil do. Evil is necessary to keep the balance of good. Without evil, then how can one know what good is? Without positivity, how can one know what negativity is? I discovered my truth by existing in both worlds of matter and energy. My realization has brought me closer to my spirituality. My higher-self is calling and the frequencies are becoming more prevalent in the world of matter. Provoking Thought.

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