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Trust the Process: Trust Yourself

Today I want to write about what I have been experiencing the past couple days or so. I recognized the negative energy that I was creating for myself and I seemingly could not shake it. It has been weighing on my mind and I want to share what it was.

There are many instances where I begin to doubt myself. My self doubt is usually associated with my business (business and marketing strategies) and sometimes I feel like I am not moving forward in it. I start to wonder what am I doing wrong or what should I be doing different. I do research and try new strategies just to feel like I have not moved forward an inch. These thoughts and feelings are limiting beliefs. It causes me to have self-doubt and second guess my every move. I always wanted to have a business, because I want to do something that is fun for me and of course something that is rewarding. To me, there is no sense in turning something that I enjoy doing to something that will cause me grief and displeasure.

The past couple days I have been a bit spent on my energy. I have been doing hours of research on strategy ideas to help me move forward in my business. I create business plans and work on my marketing campaigns. I put a good amount of effort in my business. Just like everything else that I do I always give 100%. I do the best I can with what I have without depleting my resources. It gets a bit tiring and sometimes I feel like the work I put in, I am not getting back, in respects of my business. I knew this was not going to be easy and I knew I would spend hours working even when I do not feel like working. Regardless, I have been feeling a bit burnt-out and maybe a bit frustrated.

I needed to change my mind set, because the way I was thinking is not helping me or my business. So today I decided to let go of my limiting beliefs and allow my positive energies to flow through me. I feel so much better and sometimes I need to just take a minute to refocus my mind. Believing in myself has changed my energies. I immediately feel better and I feel more positive. It just took a few seconds and once positive thought to change my mind. The key is to believe in the change of positivity and allow the positive forces to do the work for me. Instead of me judging and dissecting my business strategy and where I am at in a business sense, I am thankful for my business and I am grateful for the opportunity to be able to do something that I enjoy. Although at times I may put so much on myself, it is important for me to reflect and be thankful for the opportunity to do so. It is important to enjoy the growth of my business, because it could be very different.

I created my own opportunity with my business by simply having the thought to do so. Of course I had to do research on how to start my business and to file the proper paperwork. The point is I have came far and I should not be too hard on myself. I am actually doing well, generally speaking, and I feel like I am on the right track. I am will not lose sight of what my business goals are. I will be patient and trust the process and more importantly trust myself. Self-doubt will infiltrate my being if I allow it to. Self-doubt will then bleed over to the important aspects of my life, such as my family and the people I care about. Also, self-doubt will be apparent in my business and it will be counterproductive. Today is the day I realign my energies and trust the myself and trust that I am making the right business decisions.

Often times people tend to take life too seriously and miss the important things or overlook the things that make life worth living. Just because a person may feel he or she is failing at something does not necessarily mean that person is a failure or is actually failing. It could be simply having a different approach to an idea and to ensure one maintains a positive mental attitude. Decisions are best made with a clear and unweighted mind. Have fun in life and do not take life too seriously. Enjoy and trust the process. More importantly, trust yourself. You know what is best for you.

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