It Does Not Matter

Think of the common phrase "it does not matter". What does that really mean and how would I apply this to my everyday life. How would I apply this phrase to every second of my life. I ask myself these types of questions, because what I tend to say is what I believe. I am careful and thoughtful of my words and how I speak. My thoughts become my reality and my reality are my thoughts.

For the most past I believe health and wellness start in the mind. The body is made up of energy and there is scientific research supporting this. I would attach some peer-reviewed research and hyperlinks, however one should do his or her own research so he or she is not persuaded my by research of hyperlinks or peer-reviewed papers of my liking. There are always three sides to every story, my truth, the person's truth, and the truth. Just as with mostly everything in this world, truth is based upon perception and how a person perceives something that is informational or perhaps may be from experiences. Nevertheless, I believe that my body is made up of energy and I communicate energetically.

My brain communicates with my body on a conscious and subconscious level. Consciously, I think of what I want to move, how to move, and my brain communicates with my body to do as I wish. Subconsciously, I am referring to my heartbeat, metabolism, my inner organs functioning, etc. With this knowledge there are things that I can control and obviously things that are out of my control that happen miraculously, but is it that miraculous? Absolutely it is and I find it intriguing. My brain sends energetic waves of frequencies to communicate with my body's organs and to work in perfect harmony to keep me alive. This is amazing and I am sure the communication aspects of it must be faster then the speed of light, thus in the quantum field. In the quantum field the Newtonian laws do not apply. It is quite interesting.

With that knowledge of how the human body subconsciously communicates energetically I want to explore the aspects of conscious energetic communication. The more energy something has the more frequencies there are. The less energy something has the more it becomes matter; matter has less energy, thus less frequency field. With this knowledge, I think health and wellness starts with the mind. If it's not in one's mind than it does not matter. I was a victim to mental health and suffered from depression and post traumatic stress-disorder. Depression and post traumatic stress is accompanied with physical pain as well, but I will address that in another time, perhaps. Those titles of illnesses alone is bothersome to me, because it defines something, thus giving it value and making it real; making it matter.

When I released myself from the confines of the definition(s) and no longer allowed it to impact me, I stopped putting value on the words and realized it does not matter. My illness started to not matter and it did not matter to me. I am not focused on the illness I once had, but I put my focus (my energy) into something that is real; my life. I gave my life more energy and became less matter. This is why I am not bothered by certain aspects of the negative aspects of life. I do not give value to the negativity, because it does not matter.

I drew more positive energy into my life, allowed myself to thrive in energy, and healing energy fields. Since my body is made of energy I should allow energies to heal me. I started living with a positive mental attitude and immediately my life was better. I am my thoughts and my thoughts are my reality. My reality are my thoughts and I am my thoughts. The negative aspects in life are present if one allows it to be. Spend energy in the good and vibrate on a higher frequency where "it does not matter". Be free and be of energy. It Does Not Matter.

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