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Unshakeable: Of Lion and Men

Break free from the shackles of self-doubt and the negative emotional thoughts associated with it. The limiting mindset of self-doubt will do nothing more than to reaffirm the belief in oneself. Be unshakeable and limitless. Often times there are those who tend to attempt to destroy one's positivity by sending vibrations of negativity. I am unshaken and I am confident in the realm of my kingdom. Unshakable: Of lion and men.

I have broke free from the shackles of limiting beliefs, specifically self-doubt. Self-doubt, in my experience, is the most destructive negative emotions one can have. I have built my kingdom upon a solid foundation and my positive energy vibrates beyond the linear world.

Prior to my journey to my higher-self, I was a man who was drowned in negativity. I created this darkness and placed myself in it. I did not know it at the time, but as I sat alone in my misery I would want company. The loneliness would be too much for me and I wanted someone to share my misery with. I was not fully aware of this and what I was doing, because I blinded by my own self-doubt and other limiting beliefs. As I am in the moment, in the now, I am fully aware of my past actions.

I realize now that my self-doubt was responsible for me feeling anxious and alone. I doubted my ability to change and to be more than what I thought I was. I limited my belief in myself and it got me absolutely no where. When I did think I was going some where I would find myself right back to where I was, because I relied on material things to make me happy. Material things only bandaged my wounds and not heal it. The material things bandaged my surface level wounds of self-doubt.

For me to get beyond my feelings and limiting beliefs of self-doubt, I had to recognize my problems and address it from the foundation. I had to build my kingdom on a solid foundation in order for it not to be shaken by the tremors of negativity. Recently my kingdom's forcefield was tested and I knew it could withstand the negative vibrations. I have confidence in the kingdom that I have created.

Bring forth the positive energies that are yet to be discovered. Once it is discovered go beyond the realm of linearity. Move freely in the multi-dimensional world that is beyond the known. Travel to the unknown and explore one's true self. Be limitless and be unshaken. Unshakeable: Of Lion and Men.

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