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A Message Just For You

Hours before the sun rises and fills the lands with its light, my eyes open to another beautiful day. I am grateful to experience joy and happiness. I rise from my bed and I say to myself "this is a wonderful day to be alive just like every other day". As the smile is on my face and I am filled with joy I can feel the goose bumps forming on my skin. I feel the positive energy radiate through me. I freshen up and head to my office to meditate. I had this overwhelming need to write this particular blog.

During my meditation I clear my mind and I am filled with energy. I can feel energy radiate through me from my abdomen upward towards my crown and outward showering me; the process repeats. I listen to the energies within me and surrounding me. After my meditation I like to read for a little while and write shortly after. Today was a little different, I meditated and I had the urge to write, so therefore I will read after I write. During my meditation is when I decide what I am going to write about. I like to write about the things I experience and often times I write about how I feel.

Today's meditation was a little different than others, because it seemed like I was receiving a message from someone. The message was not of words, but it was of energy. I am at a loss of words of how to explain what it seemed like, so I hope that makes sense. I had this irrevocable urge to write to someone who is in need. I do not know who it may be nor does it matter. Whoever you may be, I received your message and I hope that you are well and this blog finds you.

I am not sure what it is you may be going through or have been through, but I am here to write you and affirm that life does get better. I struggled for many years and I was close to calling it quits, but I did not give up and eventually I would be free from the claws that held me captive. Those claws that held me were created by my mind and manifested from my own anger. That anger would find me and I held on to it, thus it held on to me and consumed me. That anger turned to hate and it spread throughout my being and I fell deeper into a depression. The feelings I had reflected my inner being and I was slowly rotting away. It was a small glimmer of light, the littlest amount of belief in myself, that would allow me to free myself. I was in for a long journey, but I focused on moving forward.

You must let it go of the negative emotions you have, because it will consume you and it will surely turn to something more than what is surface level. You are not alone in this battle, there are people who love you and smile at the thoughts of you. It may not seem that it is true, but it is. Sometimes when I feel that way I have to remind myself it is my past self attempting to pull me and I am not in the past. I am surely in the present, thus I must live in the present. You can create your future by simply believing you can. You are worth it and you are absolutely worth my time to write this message just for you. I do not know who you are, but I am listening. You are worth it.

Some people are going to tell you to be strong, but I think you already are. You are being as strong as you can and I send you positive energy. We all need a little help from time-to-time and, although I have journeyed far and learned many lessons from my past and current life, I am still vulnerable and need help too. You are just as important as the next person. Continue to move forward and only look back to see how far you have come. One step at a time, it is as simple as placing one foot in front of the other. I know it may not seem it is that simple, however you must believe it is simple so you can move forward with ease. Let go of the things holding you to your past self, whether it be a material object or someone who is seemingly keeping you. No one can control you or your fate. You hold the key to the the door that is seemingly shutting you out. Go unlock it, walk through the door with your head up and display the crown on your head.

Journey to your higher-self and journey far. Take time to listen in meditation and pray when you need to speak. Praying is speaking to your higher being and meditating is listening to your higher being. Go where your higher-self is calling you. You are of positive energy and of light. Shine bright as you are meant to be, allow yourself to be limitless, strip yourself from any negativity and allow peace to enter your being. Create your future and create it to your liking. You can create your reality. You are the ruler of your kingdom.

Here is my e-mail, it is hermanroots.rk@gmail.com and my number is (209) 845-7761; If you e-mail, call, or text me I will respond. I promise I will, usually within a few hours, but not longer than a 24-hour period (most of the time).

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