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Clarity of My Being

As I travel deeper into my realm of meditation I am finding clarity of the things that were once unclear. There was an amount of uncertainty of my purpose of life. I was lost for many years and I have irrevocably discovered my path to which I am supposed to travel. I am not the likes of a flightless bird or a king without a crown, I have direction and purpose to the destination I am traveling. I am not defined by words nor my past actions. I refuse to limit myself and to be shackled. My laws are not written in stone and I am not defined. I will not be defined. The energy of my being is everliving.

As I radiate my being into the realm of love and serenity I can see my destination clearly. I am going no where in no time as no one (Dispenza, 2017). For me to reach a higher level of consciousness I have to release myself from my own defining limitation. The defining limitation come from deeply rooted purposeful subliminal messages. I followed a set of laws instilled in me as a child to pre-determine my future life. I was programmed with information to please the societal needs. This is not a bad thing, it merely limits and defines one's future. As a young man and coming into my adulthood, I was taught that I must get a job and earn money to live in a house where I would not spend most of my time in, because I am spending most of my time at work. Again, this is not a bad thing, it is simply the rules of society and the teaching to have limiting habitual behaviors. This makes society work, however one becomes blinded from his or her true self in order to please someone other than oneself.

I remember wanting to drive around in brand new cars or cars that were flashy and would promise to empty my bank account in gas, maintenance, and repairs. I was never taught to buy used cars and always taught to buy new cars, for whatever the reason may be. This idea was reaffirmed by television commercials depicting a car, truck, or SUV and often times accompanied by a someone or something to enhance the credibility of the ad to tap into one's subconscious mind. Television ads cleverly infiltrates into one's subconscious and plants the seed of desire. Ads are teaching the world of pharmaceutical sick care (not healthcare; healthcare implies it restores health) versus the natural healing powers that Mother Earth can provide. My point to all this is from a child to my adulthood subliminal messages programming me to the likes of the societal secular needs has limited my ability to see clearly and to think for myself. As a child my future was being pre-determined and into my adulthood the many seeds that were planted in my mind would bloom to allow me to become a societal version of me. I was me, but my higher-self was being suppressed.

I written many times of the calling to my higher-self and my desire to break free from the societal norms. I am born in Babylonian world, but my higher-self has awakened.. My higher-self is calling me and I am going against what was once programmed in my mind. I release myself from my self-limiting and defining ways. I am free to live in love and peace. There is no hate in my yard, but joy and everliving freedom. Freedom from my own chains. I am free.


Dispenza, J. (2017). Becoming supernatural. New York City, NY: Hay House.

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