The Rising Sun

I am blessed to be alive another wonderful day and I am certain today will bring me joy and happiness. I am awake hours before the sun rises and I love this time of the day. I am not sure why I love it so much, maybe it is because I read and write during these hours and enjoy a cup of hot tea. Maybe it is because I love the way the sun warms my house and the rays beam through the shutters on my window. I just love this time of day and I suppose I do not need any real reasoning, I am happy to be able to experience it and to accept the goodness of the rising sun as my own.

After the sun rises I can expect my daughter to come find me and tell me about her new ideas and what she plans to do for today. She has these amazing ideas for her YouTube channel, "Silly Lilly Shenanigans", and I enjoy listening to her ideas and the creativeness of her mind. She just got a new puppet and we have been working on some videos for it. She gives me the honor to be her producer so I am grateful for that. She said she wants to release videos every Saturday and I said to her that is a good idea.

Shortly after my daughter and I have our conversation, my wife awakes from her rest and she freshens up. I greet her with her cup of coffee and we sit and and enjoy each other's company. Our daughter talks to us and we enjoy the family time we have together. This is the "simple things" in life that I enjoy after the sun rises.

I associate the sun rising everyday as another day to enjoy the simple things that life has to offer. It is a chance to be better than I was yesterday and it is a chance to do better than I did yesterday. It is a chance to spread more positivity and love throughout my household and into the world. I enjoy experiencing the time of day as the sun rises.

One of my favorite things to do is to sit outside on my porch and play my acoustic guitar gently and softly as the sun rises. The sounds of my guitar sound differently during the hours of the rising sun; it sounds beautiful. I love the way the steam looks coming out from my hot beverage. I love how the sun feels as it hits my face. To me the feeling of the sun is equivalent to my beautiful wife placing her hand on my cheeks and sharing her positive energy with me; I can sense her love and peace.

As the sun rises, it is a promise to a new day and to new beginnings. The rising sun is surely to rise each day no matter what may be going on in the world. I associate the rising sun with elevated emotions of love and peace. I look forward to the setting sun, because I know it means the sun will rise again. The Rising Sun.

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