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Everyday is a Day to Celebrate

Today is another wonderful and glorious day to be alive and well. As my eyes open from my sleep and I rise to experience another amazing day. I take a moment and to breath in deeply and say "I am thankful to live another day". Everyday is the perfect day to celebrate life and to be thankful.

It seems that there are specific days in the calendar year that one would show appreciation, love, respect, and joy. It is seems that those days would be scheduled days of celebration. Why limit oneself to only a few days in the calendar year to celebrate? Why not celebrate everyday? Celebrations are fun, uplifting and wonderfully amazing. I have noticed people are much more nicer this week, and more specifically, this day.

Today is another day for me to celebrate and to be thankful for the people and living beings in my life. It is another day for me to show gratitude and love towards my family. My wife and daughter are amazing people and I love and respect them. I tell them everyday I love them and I am thankful they are in my life. Today is another day to tell my friends how much I care for them and I am thankful for their friendship. I look at my fur babies and I give them physical touch and reaffirm they are part of my family pack. I listen to the birds as they sing me a beautiful tune as the sun rises. I am thankful for life and it is a reason for me to celebrate.

I have been told that celebrating specific days gives value and meaning to those days, which is why there are celebrations. Well, why not give specific value and meaning to everyday? Let's rejoice this day for another day of life and spread positivity. Think of this, the mind is influenced on specific days by assigning those days to have greater value than another day. Those days are celebrated and people are nicer and joyous during those assigned celebrated days. So, why not give value to everyday of life, which will add purpose and meaning.

According to Dispenza (2014) human beings have the ability to assign elevated emotions and meaning to specific events, days, and occurrences, thus allowing the body to become the subconscious mind and operate without putting any thought to it. When something is done repeatedly, like brushing teeth, putting on shoes, turning on the television, etc., those things are done on a subconscious level. (Dispenza, 2014). The body becomes the subconscious, thus body-mind like activity. (Dispenza, 2014). Taking that knowledge and overstanding it, people can use that knowledge and benefit from it.

I know that if I do something repeatedly my subconscious mind will then communicate to my body-mind and that information will be expressed. This is why I stay with a positive mind and I celebrate everyday. Constant mental rehearsal will improve my suggestibility to be positive and to feel I am living a meaningful life. My constant practice of a positive mind has allowed my to breakthrough my old self and to create a new me. The negative events of my past belongs in the past and not in my future. I can create a positive life by having a positive mind. I celebrate life and I am thankful for the many people and living beings in my life. I am thankful for the vibrant colors this world has to offer. Everyday is a Day to Celebrate.


Dispenza, J. (2014). You Are the Placebo. New York City, New York: Hay House.

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