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I have been on my journey to my higher-self for a while now. I feel myself traveling deeper into a realm that is not easily overstood. I, myself, do not overstand all of it or how I am getting there, but I am going. Maybe it is not for me to overstand nor for anyone. The idea of simply traveling into the direction of the unknown to my higher-self, is a feeling of absolute freedom and gratitude. I know this is my correct path, because I am walking by faith and I feel I am headed in the direction. As I journey to my higher-self I am faced with decisions I must make and although some of those decisions are seemingly irrelevant, as it pertains to everyday life. However, it is important to me, because the decisions I make will impact my inner being and my travels to my high-self. For example, there have been many instances when I am confronted with a difficult person displaying unfavorable actions towards me and how I respond will impact me whether positively or negatively. This seemingly is of irrelevance, but to me there are messages to be deciphered and lessons to be learned.

I choose to be positive and to not allow the negative actions and instances impact my inner being. I have deciphered the code to my livity and it is to show love and positivity even when there is none in my surroundings. I no longer look for positivity, because I have the positivity. It is seemingly a difficult task to constantly remain positive, however my outlook on life has changed for the better. Being positive in all things is something I working on, but for now I am positive in most things, not all. I am human and I will make mistakes and sometimes I make repeated mistakes and those are what I am working on. I do fairly well being bombarded with negativity and I can defend from it, however I have a breaking point. I have yet to get my energetic stamina up to where I would like it. I am further than I was a few months ago, but I still have a ways to travel.

As I travel deeper into the world beyond the physical senses I am feeling the elevated emotions of positivity and I am writing [metaphorically] what my future will hold. Those elevated emotions of gratitude, love, joy, peace, etc., has afforded me the opportunity to rise higher than what my physical being could ever reach. At this moment my physical self is limited, however my spiritual self is not. I am limitless and my spiritual self is the engine pulling my train. In the world where space and time hold no value to my higher-self, time and space become irrelevant to my journey. I can travel beyond my physical self and journey to where I am supposed to go.

I have yet to realize the full capacity and the power of my mind, however I am astonished by what I have accomplished this far. This journey is amazing and I am grateful to be afforded another day in this world. The things that used to matter to me, such as money, power over another, external greatness, etc., no longer matter to me anymore. As I wrote the last sentence I am a bit embarrassed to even write it, because it is very egotistical, however it is the truth. I was very egotistical and I used external means (to include physical means) to feel superior over another. I was barbaric and I used intimidation to feel superior. I was wrong for this. As I think back to who I was and the things I allowed to define me, I realize those things blinded me from my real truth. I freed myself from this type of mental slavery. I unshackled myself from the fears of being no one. Once I allowed myself to be undefined I was able to move forward and upward to my higher-self.

I have traveled far from where I started and I have learned to be limitless. I am traveling and I do not know where I am headed nor do I fully overstand the purpose, but I realize it is not for me to overstand at this moment. I am sure with I will overstand my journey, but for now I travel with an open mind with limitless opportunities. I am sure when it is appropriate for me to overstand all the aspects of my travel I will. I continue to travel by faith and I feel deep in my inner being I am on the right path. I am traveling to my higher-self. Traveling.

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