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Today's meditation has been a wonderful session. My eyes open this day, hours before the sun would rise and smile at me. I freshened up and I made myself a cup coffee. I am more of a tea drinker, but I wanted some coffee today, so I made me some. I sat in my office for a minute and I started thinking about how blessed I am and the positive things that make my life amazing. As I put in my ear buds I turned on classical instrumental music that consists of strings, piano, and guitar. I closed my eyes and took in my deep breaths and cleared my mind. My mind is mostly clear and if I do have anything on my mind, it is about how much I enjoy the music I am listening too. I do what makes me happy.

Almost immediately I started feeling joy and worthiness. I am not sure where the worthiness came from, but I have been feeling like this for most of the day and every day after. I saw musical notes in my meditation and I can feel the vibrations of the notes radiate through my body. The music was seemingly following my energy that was radiating through me. It starts at the bottom of abdomen, moving upward, out through the top of my head, and repeating. It gives me that shivering sensation up my spine, which is intriguing to me. It tickles, so it makes me smile. I am in the belief that I am on the right path on my meditation. I feel happy.

I have a good amount of timeframes to meet in my music business, in regards to music production. I would normally be a little overwhelmed with the amount of work that I need to do, but I am okay with the work lingering over my head. It turned from an overwhelming feeling to feeling blessed to have work to do. I wanted work in music and now I have it. I am feeling pretty good about the timeframe for the release of an album that I am working on. This past week I was able to get much work completed within the timeframes I have given myself. I am actually ahead of schedule, which makes me happy. I am getting much faster and more efficient in completing my work.

I have a booked schedule throughout the week and sometimes there are days where I just do not feel like doing much of any work, but I want to simply read a good book or watch a hockey game. I never deny myself the simple pleasures in life, so I do as I please. Life is not about working and making money to be rich, it is simply about living. I try to remember these things when I feel the pressures of work responsibilities. If I feeling overwhelmed with timeframes in relations to the work I need to do in my business, I take a break from it. I like to keep work fun and never too serious. Some of my best work comes when I am not stressed over work. Music is supposed to be fun and exciting for me, so I keep it that way.

Life is too wonderful to be drowned in outside influences and external factors. I am more proficient at my work when it is fun. For instance, given my typical work ethic history I know how long it takes me to be in the mixing phase for a certain song, so I adjust my schedule accordingly. I surprised myself with the current song I am working on (I am not going to write what it is, because I will be releasing a YouTube teaser in a week or so, maybe earlier). I completed the mixing phase faster than I expected. I know I was able to do this, because I was not stressed or felt any type of pressure. I am learning how to enjoy my work and to be more efficient without the stresses to go along with the timeframes.

Life is wonderful and it is the simple things in life that make life amazing. Always take time to enjoy life and to be happy. I know it is easier said [written] than done, but if there is something in my life that I do not like, I change it. I remove the negativity from my life and it has proven to a good thing. I have learned that it is completely okay to do what makes me happy. I deserve to be and so does everyone else. Happiness is a state of mind and I bring myself there. I do not put my happiness or positivity in the hands of others or material things. My happiness comes from me and within my very being. I am happy.

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