Undefined Reality

My reality has changed over the years. Before my journey to my higher-self, my reality was distorted by negative emotions. Those negative emotions would cause me to be temperamental having multiple moods. My inner being would react to external factors elevating those negative emotions. I was rarely in a positive mood and I was usually unbalanced. Therefore I am sure that was part, if not mainly the cause of the intense pain I would experience as well as constantly getting sick. My inner being was always reacting to the external factors that came my way and I allowed it to define my very being.

As I look back to see how far I have journeyed, I see the cause for most of my problems. It was my distorted reality and it was that reality that I thought defined me. It was as simple as changing my reality to something positive. Of course, it did not occur over night, however I did a few things that would help alter my new perception of positivity. Changing one's perception of reality from negative experiences to positive experiences reads easier than actually done. It takes work and dedication to a new lifestyle. The body will want to return to its normal state of being. That normal state of being is defined by the individual, therefore the normal state of being can be positive or negative. The body craves the chemicals that are of familiarity to feel normal. So, changing one's perception will take some work. The change is like an up hill battle, but it is possible to be victorious.

When I started my journey, I felt like I was in an unfamiliar world in an unfamiliar body and I wanted nothing more than to turn around and head back to the negative feelings. I was used to it, so I knew what to expect. I wanted to feel normal. As I am writing this and I am thinking back to how I accomplished this, I am amazed at the strength and power of the human mind. Human beings are created with perfection, although with flaws, nevertheless a perfect creation. As I journeyed, in that moment, I felt so uncomfortable in my own skin, but then somewhere along the lines I started to feel normal by being abnormal. I wanted to feel abnormal and that's when the changes started to happen.

I started noticing that I was not getting as sick or irritable. My reality was not as distorted and I can see the path I was traveling on. My path was still not clear, but I can decipher where I was going, which was no where. I was going no where and at least I was not going back to the reality that was once distorted be my anger and hate. My skin cleared up on my face and neck. The physical pain I experienced would be intense only if I was stressed out. During that time, I still was not able to completely figure out why my physical pain was worse than some days. I started to realize that my mind controlled much of what I was feeling.

When I realized the powers that I possessed with simply thinking and creating a new reality I felt unstoppable. I traveled further and explored more of who I was and what I can do. I am no one and I enjoy being no one, because there is no tag on me defining who I am. My opportunities became ever living and I have found my livity. My livity has been within me. My livity would be my new reality. My reality was of peace and love. The positive feeling of joy and simply being thankful for my life has changed my perception of my reality. My reality constantly is updating and I am learning something new every day.

My reality has changed over time and my reality is undefined. I like it to be undefined, because then there are no rules to tell me what my reality should be. I have no expectations of being any one, because since I am no one, I am free to simply just be. I am free of anxiety and mental imprisonment. The "post-traumatic stress" I was diagnosed with no longer defines me. I define me and I am free. My reality is undefined. It is my undefined reality.

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